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Jimmy Kimmel 89th Academy Awards: How His Faux-Feud With Matt Damon Started

Anyone else watched Jimmy Kimmel 89th Academy Awards hosting stint purely to see him feud with Matt Damon? The faux feud has been running for 11 years, so you think fans would be tired of it for now. News flash: They’re not.

During the Academy Awards on Sunday night, the feud continues between the two. They don’t lack for some pre-battle speeches, too. Kimmel said he wished Damon wouldn’t win the Oscar for Best Picture (Manchester By The Sea) while Damon said he’ll fight back against the host.

Jimmy Kimmel 89th Academy Awards Speech “Bullied” Matt

A few minutes into Jimmy Kimmel 89th Academy Awards opening spiel, he already “attacked” Damon. Saying that he needs to bury the hatchet with the award-winning actor, he went on to say that Damon was supposed to star in Manchester By The Sea. After giving way for childhood friend Casey Affleck, Kimmel said Damon went on to make a “Chinese ponytail movie.”

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He was referring, of course, to The Great Wall, which received negative ratings and tanked at the box office. Closing that bit of his speech, Kimmel told Damon: “Nice move, d*mb*ss.” Everyone in the audience laughed.

Clearly, it’s not only us, mere mortals, who find the faux feud funny. Kimmel and Damon were not true. When a group of tourists got the surprise of their life by walking into the theater, the host told one of them to ignore “the jerk” behind Affleck.

Then, when Kimmel was walking down the aisle while introducing the next presenters, Damon stuck out his leg and attempted to trip the host. It slightly worked, though we can see these are all a joke for them.

Finally, when Ben Affleck and Damon walk onstage to present an award, Damon was introduced as Affleck’s “guest.” The orchestra, conducted by Kimmel, also played him off when Damon prepared to read the winner.

Now, who’s hoping Kimmel will reveal Damon was the one behind the Best Picture blooper?

Jimmy And Matt: A Quick Timeline

It all started on the third season of Jimmy Kimmel Live! when they had a bad show and Kimmel was trying to make light of it. He said: “I want to apologize to Matt Damon. We ran out of time.” Damon’s name was the first A-list actor that came to his mind, so the host just went on with it.

His producer was so amused by the joke that they kept on doing it every night until they had Damon invited in 2006. The two had a staged fight that eventually led to many skits, including a video of the actor and Kimmel’s then-girlfriend, Sarah Silverman.

The video, entitled I’m F**king Matt Damon,” has been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube. Kimmel fought back with a video with Ben Affleck, Damon’s bestfriend.

It seems there is no stopping these two. Jimmy Kimmel 89th Academy Awards was just another event where the two showed off their antics.

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