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Jessica Jung: Former SNSD Member Banned From Music Shows! SM Entertainment Blamed

2016 seems like a really busy year for former SNSD member Jessica Jung. Her fashion line, Blanc & Eclare, finally opened a store in New York City. In addition to that, the singer surprised fans by making comeback in the music industry.

The most curious thing, however, is the fact that Jessica doesn’t make any appearance in music shows. It has been two years since she left the agency. Girls’ Generation had several comebacks while Jessica focused on her business. However, it seems like the beef between Jessica and former label SM Entertainment is not over yet.

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SM Entertainment At Fault?

Last month, on Nov. 30, Coridel Entertainment made a Twitter release that Jessica Jung will be making a comeback mid-December. Each teaser image contained the text “Wonderland 2016 December”. The music video was released on Dec. 10 and it currently has 2.5 million views.

At a recent fan meet for her single Wonderland, a fan asked Jessica why she could not be seen doing live performances. The singer was caught offhand but she responded. She said that she would love to perform on music shows.

“If I say it like this, will you be able to understand what I mean?” Jessica added.

With the vocalist’s vague answer, many fans couldn’t help but wonder if Jessica’s former agency, SM Entertainment, has something to do with the former’s ban from performing live.

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Jessica Jung and JYJ: The Same Situation

Jessica Jung is not the first artist that SM Entertainment has banned from doing live performances. Former SM artist JYJ suffered the same fate thanks to the influence of SM Entertainment in South Korea’s media. However, a law called JYJ Bill was passed last year. The said bill was created to prevent networks from banning artists without valid reason. If violated, the broadcasters must pay up to 2% of relevant sales to the violation.

Jessica’s fans concluded that SM Entertainment was using its influence among music shows to blacklist the singer. One fan wrote on social media, “The fact that Jessica is possibly blacklisted by her agency to perform on music shows makes me feel sick and sad at the same time.”

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