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Jennifer Lopez Should Wear Pants More, Son Says

Jennifer Lopez may be a strong independent woman. But if there’s anyone who is overprotective of her, it’s her two kids Max and Emme.

The 47-year-old superstar shared with AOL’s Build Series this little tidbit about what her son Max said to her. Read on below on what this little cutie said to his supermom.

Jennifer Lopez Needs To Wear Pants More?

“Mommy, why don’t you wear pants in your show?” is what 9-year-old Max said to mom Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, Max saw his mom’s Las Vegas residency outfit. JLo did admit crystals covered her body during the show.

Max’s question got the crowd cracking up. ABC reporter Lynda Lopez said that’s why she loves that boy making JLo laugh. In addition, JLo said that Max is really possessive. But she did answer her son saying, “Baby, come on. Mommy’s a showgirl.” It seems like Max is just really overprotective of his mom.

Maybe JLo will consider her costume styles now that her son has pointed it out. But with or without pants on, we think JLo looks great in anything.

Thankful For Her Kids

JLo has two kids Max and Emme. They’re both twins born in 2008 when Lopez was married to longtime friend Marc Anthony.

According to the star, Max and Emme are her two biggest blessings. This is because she had them when she was 38 years old, an age that’s considered a bit late for people who want to have kids. Even JLo shared that she thought it was never going to happen for her. But it did and she’s grateful and blessed to have them. “I don’t take it for granted for one day,” she shared. She added that they make her life “so much better”.

Shades Of Blue

JLo is currently starring in NBC’s crime drama Shades of Blue. She plays Detective Harlee Santos as the lead alongside Ray Liotta.

The drama premiered in January 2016 and got picked up for a second season which will air this March. Furthermore, JLo is also known to be on tour to promote Shades of Blue.

The second season of Shades of Blue is highly anticipated. A little spoiler warning, Detective Santos just killed her abusive ex and it seems like trust is an issue everyone is facing within the division.

Another thing to point out is that the show is credited for its confrontational scenes being intense and dark secrets kept from everyone. Although that’s about to change as some of them are slowly revealed.

Catch Jennifer Lopez and Shades of Blue on NBC this March 5 at 10/9c.

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