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Jennifer Lopez And Drake: Dating Rumors Finally Addressed On Television

The latest Jennifer Lopez and Drake news reveal the real score between her and the Canadian rapper. Moreover, Trevor Noah quizzed Lopez on how well does she know the Bronx and what can she say about her successful career.

Jennifer Lopez And Drake Relationship News Update

Jennifer Lopez gave The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah a direct response to reports romantically linking her with Drake. “Let me clear this up. I am not with Drake,” said the Shades of Blue star.

Hollywood Life reported that Noah bravely asked the question at his show last March 6. After Lopez’s straightforward response, the outlet noted that the host let out a “Hallelujah.” According to the source, the Maid in Manhattan star looked like she was going to say more about the dating claims but decided to hold back.

“Maybe that’s all I need to say,” said Lopez. The publication reported that Lopez and the Views singer remained tight-lipped about the “cuddly photos” circulating around the internet. The rumored couple was reportedly looking very cozy and sweet around the New Years. However, by early February 2017, they decided to have a “time out.”

Jennifer Lopez Feels Blessed

Meanwhile, Lopez’s love life was not the only hot topic, Billboard reports that Noah also asked how much does she know about the Bronx and then quizzed her about the subway ride costs. The 47-year-old shared that when she last took the subway, the fare was $1.75. The latter report noted that the If You Had My Love singer was informed that the subway ride now costs $2.75.

The outlet noted that the cost shocked the Let’s Get Loud singer. Lopez told viewers, “We should protest this!” Moreover, Noah also asked Lopez if she still remembers the last stops on the 6 line to which the singer answered correctly.

The Daily Show host asked Lopez about her thoughts on her success. The actress said, “Honestly, I get goosebumps thinking about it. It never escapes me how fortunate I’ve been.”

The I’m Real singer went on to say that she feels really blessed that she is still being given the opportunity to keep on doing what she loves. The actress was on the show to also talk about Shades of Blues Season 2 on NBC.

Shades of Blue is a crime drama series where Lopez took on the role of NYPD detective Harlee Santos. Lopez’s character is a corrupt police officer who later becomes an informant for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force. Ray Liotta is also part of the series and plays the character of Lieutenant Matt Wozniak, Santos’ corrupt commander and the FBI anti-corruption task force’s main target.

What can you say about the Jennifer Lopez and Drake romance? Do you think they ever hooked up? Share your thoughts with us!

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