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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux: No, They Are Not Splitting Anytime Soon

How ironically coincidental would it be if Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux divorce the same year that her ex, Brad Pitt, splits from Angelina Jolie, the same woman he cheated with when he and Aniston were still married.

Rumors are flying thick that Aniston and Theroux were in the middle of almost filing for a divorce until they decided to give their marriage another shot. According to a report on News18, the two are trying to fix their marriage by planning a warm getaway. Aniston, specifically, wants the marriage to work and will do everything to make Theroux stay.

Was Brad Pitt the reason for Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux problems?

Aniston and ex-husband Pitt have been over for a decade. But since he separated from Jolie in September, rumors started spreading that the former lovers are in contact again. This purportedly did not sit well with Theroux, and could have caused Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux marriage.

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux

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There were earlier reports that Aniston and Theroux, who got married in 2015, are at each other’s throats because of Pitt. Theroux supposedly didn’t understand why his wife has to talk things over with Pitt. Aniston, on the other hand, said she simply wants to be sympathetic and sensitive to his situation.

Then, there came Theroux’s Instagram post that hinted of a “F*ck Brad Pitt” graffiti at the background. He clarified that he wasn’t showing shade at anyone, but who knows, right?

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Is Justin avoiding Jen?

For a time, Aniston was criticized for not wanting to raise a family with Pitt, which reportedly led to him cheating on her with Jolie. Yeah, blame the wife for that, right? This time, Enstarz reported that Aniston wants to start a family with Theroux, but it was the director who doesn’t want to.

The article said he specifically stays away from their home in Los Angeles to travel to New York, Berlin, and Rome for work. On the other hand, the 47-year-old actress avoids accepting project that would take her away from LA. She has also been reportedly confessing to her closest friends that Theroux spends more time away from home that he does with her.

Hopefully, these are mere rumors and there was no truth to the Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux divorce proceedings. If anything, their vacation may just be what they need to save their marriage.

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