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Jeffree Star: Find Out Why People Either Love Him or Hate Him

YouTube has grown and expanded over the years and became the most used video-sharing website worldwide. What used to be the house of cute kitten videos became a platform where people can create content, build an online community, and earn at the same time. YouTube hosts a variety of content with prominent YouTubers in each field.

The beauty industry has also penetrated the video-sharing website. One of the most prolific YouTubers in the the line of fashion and beauty is none other than Jeffree Star. Know the details!

All About Jeffree Star

Star was a singer-songwriter whose music career started on MySpace. He was one of the most successful unsigned artists on the website’s daily ranking. After his success in the music industry, Star quit and began to upload makeup tutorials on YouTube.

He is known for his dramatic makeup and iconic pink hair and eyebrows. His YouTube channel currently has 3.4 million subscribers and 305 million views. Star uploads makeup tutorials on his channel, with looks varying from neutral to extremely dramatic. He also does cosmetic and skincare reviews, makeup challenges and collaborations with other YouTube personalities.

Aside from his tutorials, Star also has his own makeup line. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics line consists of liquid lipsticks, highlighters, and an eye shadow palette. His products can be bought on his official website and also on Beautylish.

Why People Either Love or Hate Him

Many people praise Star for the quality of his products. His makeup products are known to be vegan and cruelty-free. He also constantly updates his subscribers about his makeup line on his social media accounts.

Like any celebrity, Star also has his fair share of haters. One beauty blogger has called out Star for his “racist, sexist rants.” In her 40-minute long video, Stephanie Nicole has given her honest thoughts about Star’s products. It was revealed that she did not like them and does not like Star as a person as well.

The makeup community went wild when Star had a feud with makeup artist Kat Von D. Both parties uploaded videos that explained their sides. It was highly publicized and probably Star’s biggest controversy in 2016.

Despite the scandals and haters, Star still keeps his head high and stays true to himself. Because at the end of the day, love him or loathe him, he is Jeffree Star.

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