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Jay Park Climate Change Speech Impressed Al Gore! Duo Joins Forces To Fight The Issue

Al Gore, an American politician and environmentalist, held a project called “24 Hours of Reality“. In the event on climate change that took place from Dec. 5 to 6, Jay Park showed support for the cause.

The singer performed Me Like Yuh and Solo virtually and made a speech. And Jay Park Climate Change speech received positive remarks from Gore.

Jay Park Climate Change Speech: What the Singer Said

When Jay Park’s virtual performance ended, the Korean star gave his thoughts on climate change. He revealed that Al Gore reached out to him to take part in 24 Hours of Reality. Unfortunately, Park’s hectic schedule forbade him to go to New York.

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“My schedule, unfortunately, made it difficult for me to go out to New York. So I’m here, joining y’all from Seoul, South Korea,” Park said.

Regarding climate change, Park stated, “There’s a lot of conversation out there about climate change, and it can seem overwhelming. But ultimately, it’s about clean energy and solutions to keep our world healthy.”

He said, people can do small things, which will result in big difference. “Together, we can make a positive impact,” he added.

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Al Gore’s Reaction to Jay Park Climate Change Speech

After the Jay Park Climate Change speech, Al Gore thanked the Korean artist. The former Vice President also acknowledged Jay Park’s efforts for the project. Al Gore acknowledged Park, saying, “I also want to say a shout out of thank you to Jay Park. What a fantastic performer in Seoul, South Korea doing two performances for us today. Really grateful for that.”

In addition to that, Al Gore also expressed his gratitude to Jay Park’s fans. Apparently, fans of the artist took to social media to express their support for Jay Park and his participation in the event.

The American politician is well known for being an active advocate against environmental degradation. Reaching out to a famous artist like Jay Park may be a good move for 24 Hours of Reality. With Jay Park’s message, it seems like the artist also shares Gore’s concerns regarding the planet. Will the two collaborate again in the future for more environment-related projects?

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