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Jane Fonda And Richard Perry Split: Eight Years Down The Drain

Jane Fonda and Richard Perry finally part ways after eight years of relationship. A site reported that the ex-couple parted quietly after selling their Beverly Hills mansion. The multi-awarded music producer confirmed their separation, adding that they are “still friends”.

The two met via Jane Fonda’s niece, Bridget Fonda, back in 2009. The ex-couple began to date in the summer, with a close friend saying Jane fell in love with Richard while helping her recover from her knee surgery. Talks of marriage surfaced in the news but cooled down after Jane claimed she was “too busy to marry Richard”.

What Happened To Jane Fonda And Richard Perry

According to Page Six, Richard confirmed that he and Jane have broken up. A source claimed that Jane Fonda and Richard Perry sold their house because they plan on living separately. Richard has found another house to live in but is still working on the important things.

He also called the breakup a shift in their lives. He said that they still care about each other but they have decided to put the romance behind for now.

“I hate to say that our romantic relationship is done,” Richard told E! News. He added, “We care about each other a lot. As for the romance, we’ll set that aside for now because Jane has rededicated herself to activism. We still have great love for each other.”

What Will Happen Next?

While Richard gave his thoughts about the separation from Jane, the latter did not give any comment about the matter.

Before meeting Richard, Jane Fonda was married three times. The first was with Roger Vadim, which lasted for 8 years. Her next husband was Tom Hayden, who was an activist and politician. After their divorce in 1990, Jane married CNN Founder Ted Turner in 1991. They divorced in 2001 and Jane has taken a break from relationships since then. And in the summer of 2009, Jane Fonda and Richard Perry began dating each other.

Richard had a one-year marriage to actress Rebecca Broussard before he committed into a long-time relationship with Jane Fonda.

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