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Jamie Lynn Spears Daughter In Critical Condition After ATV Accident

Jamie Lynn Spears daughter, Maddie, is sent to the hospital after a serious ATV accident. According to reports, Maddie is in a critical condition after the ATV she rode suddenly flipped underwater. The girl was underwater for several minutes before help finally came.

Maddie Alridge is the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears and her then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Spears earned the spotlight after announcing she was pregnant back in 2007. She was 16 years old at that time, and the announcement caused a huge controversy. Many people view the issue as “glorifying” teenage pregnancy. Eight years later, Spears juggles her motherhood along with her career as a singer and songwriter.

Jamie Lynn Spears Daughter: What happened?

Somewhere in a duck blind ??

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According to People, Maddie was on a Polaris off-road vehicle for a hunting expedition. The vehicle suddenly flipped, submerging the 8-year-old underwater for “several minutes”. When help finally came, Jamie Lynn Spears daughter was then airlifted to a nearby hospital. It was also noted that Spears was not with her daughter at the time of the accident.

A representative from the Spears family said, “As of the moment, the Spears family asks for everyone to respect their privacy. They also appreciate the prayers and support that people will give their family.”

In addition to that, Maddie’s grandfather Jamie Spears spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her accident. “Please pray for our baby Maddie,” Jamie Spears said.

Jamie Lynn Spears: “She Is A Sweetheart”

Last June 2016, Jamie Lynn Spears opened up on how her life changed when Maddie came into her life. She called Maddie her “best accomplishment” ever.

“She is my sweetheart. I feel like I raised her with a lot of honesty and love. Maddie is a girl who is happy and content, and that’s more than a parent could ask for,” Spears said in her interview with People. In addition to that, Spears revealed how she and husband Jamie Watson raise Maddie together.

“We are strict on Maddie, like on what she eats. But it is my husband who is strict with almost everything. I’d like to say I am cool at times but my daughter is at the age that cringes whenever I do something weird for her. Like, if I dance around with her and her friends, she’d say ‘Mom, don’t do that!'” Spears admitted.

We hope Jamie Lynn Spears daughter will have a speedy recovery despite her critical condition.

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