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James Bond 2017 News, Updates, Spoilers: Ian Fleming Allegedly Plagiarized Agent 007 Story

James Bond 2017 news have been making rounds online after Daniel Craig expressed his intent to move on from the franchise. At the moment, Hollywood stars like Ian Somerhalder, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Aidan Turner, James Norton, have been named as potential replacements. Interestingly, the newest celebrity to join the list is The Notebook‘s Ryan Gosling. While there have not been any announcements surrounding the issue, speculations are rife that a new Agent 007 will soon be introduced.

In line with these new updates, James Bond creator Ian Fleming has also been receiving flak for plagiarism allegations. Is there any truth to such claim? Who do you think will be chosen as the next James Bond? Read on to know more about these updates.

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James Bond 2017: Ryan Gosling possible Agent 007 replacement

A new report from Gamenguide has revealed interesting updates about Ryan Gosling being considered to replace Craig. After the actor announced his retirement from playing the sought-after role of James Bond007 fans have given their own suggestions who can take the Spectre star’s place. From seasoned actors like Liam Neeson, to younger stars in Tinseltown, Gosling’s name was mentioned for consideration.

With more names being added to the list, James Bond future producers must make a decision soon. Simply because there are just too many debonair stars fit to fill in the shoes of Craig and play the role of Agent 007.

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Did Ian Fleming plagiarize James Bond story?

Now in another report from BBC News, 007 creator Ian Fleming drew flak when headlines accusing him of plagiarism surfaced. The writer of the article on BBC said how his research showed that James Bond was not exactly invented by Fleming. Rather, signs point to lady novelist Phyllis Bottome should be credited. This research was shown in the writer’s documentary for BBC Radio 4 entitled The Woman Who Invented James Bond?.

Bottome’s novel, The Mortal Storm garnered a lot of positive reviews during the 1930s when it was adapted into film. However, it was Bottome’s work in 1946, entitled The Life Line, that the writer refers to as the original source for the James Bond franchise.

An excerpt from the publication reads: “In 1946, Phyllis Bottome writes a James Bond book, He’s not called James Bond, he’s called Mark Chalmers, but he has every characteristic of James Bond.”

Moreover, Chalmers, the hero of Bottome’s novel, “is a 36-year-old, dark-haired master at Eton who is signed up to work for British intelligence by a friend, Reggie, who works at the Foreign Office.”. Then, after a meeting with “B”, the head of British Intelligence, he is dispatched to the continent with a mission to communicate with a British sleeper agent and a suicide pill in case it all goes wrong.

BBC further notes that “Chalmers is a keen aficionado of mountain sports, enthusiastic about fine food and wine and has an eye for a pretty girl. He also speaks fluent French and German.”

While Fleming has yet to issue a comment, his novels have sold millions of copies since 1953. Meanwhile, Bottome’s The Life Line is not currently in print. But could it have planted the seed that would flower into James Bond?

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