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IU Breakup: Fans Speculate Lee Joon Gi Is The Main Reason

IU and Jang Kiha have broken up. Fans have mixed reactions over the IU breakup news. Many assumed that the two will end up marrying each other because of their long dating history.

The ex-couple revealed that they have been dating since 2013. They went public about their relationship in 2015, but kept themselves out of the radar ever since. Now that the two have separated, fans are coming up with various reasons on why IU and Jang Kiha called it quits.

IU Breakup: The Confirmation

On Jan. 23, IU and Jang Kiha’s agencies confirmed that the two have separated. According to their statements, the ex-couple parted ways and decided to maintain a senior-junior relationship.

“They have agreed on maintaining their friendship. Both of them will support each other on their professional careers from now on,” both agencies said.

As soon as the IU breakup news circulated, rumors surfaced that IU is dating her Scarlet Hearts: Goryeo co-star, Lee Joon Gi. The rumors began because the two exhibited great chemistry during the historical romance drama. There are also fans that speculate Joon Gi might be the reason IU and Jang Kiha broke up. But Namoo Actors, Joon Gi’s agency, denied the rumors.

“It is not true that they are dating. Lee Joon Gi and IU had great chemistry and they became close while working on the set. That is probably where the rumors began but all of the cast of Scarlet Heart: Goryeo are close. We hope there will be no more misunderstandings in the future,” a representative from Namoo Actors said.

IU and Jang Kiha: A Look Down Memory Lane

It was back in 2013 when IU and Jang Kiha first fell in love with each other. IU appeared as a guest in Jang Kiha’s radio show, where they talked about music. And in 2015, IU wrote a letter to her fans where she admitted her relationship with Jang Kiha. In the letter, IU revealed that she “fell in love at first sight”. The two began to date despite their age differences.

Despite the IU breakup news, fans hope that the singer is doing well.

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