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Irene Dating Rumors: Who’s on the List?

Red Velvet debuted only two years ago, but it looks like one of their members is on fire for the various dating rumors she’s tangled in! Irene, the group’s leader and eldest, has been linked to more than two guys ever since she started her career as a KPop idol.

Irene, 25, is known for her slim, petite frame and stunning visuals. Before debuting as a member of Red Velvet, she made an appearance in some of her label mate’s music videos like in Henry Lau’s 1-4-3 and Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghwamun. She also appeared as actor Park Bo Gum’s co-host in Music Bank and is one of the hosts of the fashion show, Laundry Day.

Irene Dating Rumors: Who were involved with the young star?

Red Velvet is a popular group in the KPop industry. So, it is not surprising that Irene is linked with big names as well.

One of the first men to be linked with Irene is EXO’s D.O. Speculations began to fill the internet when photos of D.O. holding Irene’s wrist surfaced. Even a Korean media outlet, World Today, published an article called “Irene and EXO D.O..officially admits to dating..intimate skinship today’s their first day.

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Photo credit: Screenshot from the video "Music Bank Goodbye Stage Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet Irene" taken from XxGGLover102xX YouTube Channel

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video “Music Bank Goodbye Stage Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet Irene” taken from XxGGLover102xX YouTube Channel

EXO’s youngest member and dancer, Sehun was also linked with Irene. The Irene dating rumors began when they exhibited their great chemistry in the Ceci magazine. Afterwards, netizens began to collect data about the duo’s alleged relationship, such as posts in Instagram and a picture of the two with towels on their heads as if they just took a dip in the pool together.

And the most recent person rumored to be dating Irene is none other than actor Park Bo Gum. The two appeared as hosts for Music Bank for more than a year. The dating rumors began when Irene confessed that the actor made her heart race.

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The KPop Idol Dating Ban

Talent agencies are known to put dating bans on their artists and lift the said bans after the allotted time frame. This is the reason why fans take dating rumors among idols with a grain of salt. And unless there are really strong evidence or the involved parties admit the rumors as true, no one takes all these celeb dating rumors seriously.

With regards to the Irene dating rumors, Red Velvet’s manager, SM Entertainment or Irene herself has not yet made any comment. And the same is true with the men who were linked to Irene.

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