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Ireland Baldwin Hopes She Can Hook Up With Tom Hardy While Noah Schweizer Watches

Ireland Baldwin is known to be very vocal about her thoughts and feelings. She usually abstains from using a filter to make statements to the media. The model spoke candidly about holding no qualms in going topless.

Speaking to E! News during the premiere of new scripted series The Arrangement, the 21-year-old spoke about embracing all body types. Baldwin also revealed that she wouldn’t mind having a threesome.

Ireland Baldwin: Mincing No Words

Ireland Baldwin is appreciative of the industry beginning to embrace all body types. She feels that no one should be put into a mold. The model opines that beauty is much more than a body type.

She was also asked about her thoughts on going topless. Starting with a word of caution, she said she already is dating someone but they do have a shared interest. By the model’s own submission, her boyfriend likes Tom Hardy as much as she does. So probably, the threesome would happen between the model, her boyfriend surfer Noah Schweizer and Tom Hardy, reports E! News.

She clarifies that her boyfriend is not gay but she will like to go ‘back and forth’ between the two. Very interesting thoughts there!

Model’s Thoughts About Going Topless

Ireland Baldwin also talks about Sports Illustrated doing a cover on all kinds of body types. She confesses that she has struggled to balance her body type. The daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin thinks that it is difficult to stand alone when defending one’s body type.

Celebrities are not new to getting hate from the public. Some celebs are massively loved while others are loathed to the bone. Ireland feels that all the hate is plain jealousy. All the hate that comes Ashley Graham or Gig Hadid’s way is because people want to be like them, says the fashion model.

The model confesses that she has no issues in going topless for a cover shoot. She spoke about a topless shoot that she had done earlier and how she was walking around the sets with nothing on her. After going through with the shoot, she says, “anything is possible.”

She feels that the kind of shoots when done by a brand as big as Sports Illustrated, are ‘tastefully done’. She speaks about a recent shoot that her best friend Sailor did with her mom Christie Brinkley. Christie, 63, is taking on the covers of Sports Illustrated, with daughters Alexa, 31 and Sailor, 18.

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