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Hyun Bin Kang Sora Dating Confirmed! News Sparks Mixed Reactions From Fans

Fans went into a frenzy when Korean media outlets released Hyun Bin Kang Sora dating news. At first, it was only a speculation. Plum Entertainment, Kang Sora’s agency, released a statement that they will confirm with Sora herself.

It turns out that the news was true! Kang Sora and Hyun Bin’s respective agencies confirmed that the two have been dating for a short while now. The two will now join the ranks of the other happy celebrity couples in the Korean entertainment industry.

Hyun Bin Kang Sora Dating: How It All Began

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AllKPop reported that a close friend of both actors revealed the two have been dating for two weeks already. The friend said that the duo’s friendship blossomed into romance when Kang Sora was looking for a new agency last October.

According to the friend, “Kang Sora was in the process of switching agencies when she and Hyun Bin became close. She kept in contact with him and they began to form feelings for each other. It hasn’t been long since they started dating so they are cautious.”

As soon as a media outlet released the news, Plum Entertainment immediately responded with a statement that they will confirm with Kang Sora.

Not long after, VAST, Hyun Bin’s agency, and Plum Entertainment confirmed the dating status via press release. The latter agency revealed that the couple are cautious of reports because it has only been two weeks since they engaged in a relationship.

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How the Fans Reacted

Many of the fans were ecstatic for the Hyun Bin Kang Sora dating news. One fan commented, “Proves that no matter how small or big the age gap is, at least the love is BIG. That counts.”

However, some fans feel sad for Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk. Back in 2011, Leeteuk and Kang Sora were paired in the reality TV show We Got Married. The couple were in the show for 29 episodes until Leeteuk withdrew from the show because of his mandatory military service. Despite their short time together, the two maintained contact with each other. In a recent broadcast where Leeteuk appeared as an MC, he admitted that he misses his Kang Sora. With the Hyun Bin Kang Sora dating confirmed, it looks like what happened during their We Got Married days will stay as memories.

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