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Henry Lau: Reasons Why He’s Potentially Mistreated By SM Entertainment

2016 has been a hectic year for many KPop acts. Some gained extra boosts in stardom while there were acts that said goodbye to their fans. However, there are also idols who had little to no promotion during 2016. This includes Henry Lau, one the members of Super Junior-M.

Henry is considered as one of the most talented acts in SM Entertainment. The Canadian artist can sing, dance, rap, and even compose his own songs. He also speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and French. He  can also play a variety of instruments such as violin, drums, and piano. He is also the youngest member of Super Junior’s Chinese sub-unit and he debuted as a solo artist last 2013.

Henry Lau and his frustrations

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On December 31, Henry posted on his official Instagram that seem to convey his frustration over SM Entertainment. He also posted the same thing on his Twitter account. Although both posts were taken down, Soompi has a screenshot of the singer’s status update. Written in Hangul, the posts were translated for those who can’t understand the said language.

“I’m tired. And fed up. I can’t do it anymore. The last nine years was a mistake. It’s too big now. And it can’t support me. What should I do now?”

There was also a response for his fans who expressed their concern. “I think my fans are the only ones left. If you see this, please speak to the agency on my behalf. They wouldn’t listen to me.”

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What the fans think

Ever since Henry Lau posted the cryptic message on his social media accounts, the star received an overwhelming amount of support from his fans. Many fans have took to the internet to express their opinions with the hashtag Justice For Henry Lau. In answer to the fans’ support, Henry posted a video in his Instagram where he expressed his gratitude.

With all of the developments happening, many are worried that Henry will leave SM Entertainment just like former SM acts Hangeng, Jessica Jung, Kris Wu, and Lu Han. As of today, SM Entertainment has not made any comment regarding Henry and his posts.

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