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Harrison Ford Caught In Another Plane Accident; Might Lose Pilot License

Harrison Ford and Plane accidents seem to be synonymous with each other. The Star Wars actor was previously involved in an accident while flying his own plane. A similar episode was repeated recently which is might result in the suspension of his flying license.

Harrison Ford accidentally landed on a wrong runway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. He had a close shave with an American Airlines flight carrying 110 passengers. The Star Wars actor was asked to land on runway 20-L but he landed on the taxiway instead.

Harrison Ford: Federal Aviation Administration Investigates Case

Knowing the history of near crashes by Harrison Ford, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is undertaking an investigation on the recent landing. He was flying his private single-engine Husky while landing dangerously close to the American Airlines flight.

The 74-year-old actor was heard on air traffic control recordings saying, “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Air Traffic controllers confirmed that they had mentioned the right runway to the pilot and there was confirmation from Ford as well. However, due to misinterpretation, Ford flew down on the wrong runway. Just minutes after his landing, the American Airlines to Dallas departed.

If it weren’t for the small gap in timing, this landing by Ford could have turned fatal not only for him but for the passengers on the Dallas flight as well. The FAA is investigating the case. The consequences of the investigation may range from a warning letter or suspension of his flying license.

Near Misses In The Past; Is It Time For Ford To Stop Flying?

Two years back, Harrison Ford had to crash land his World War II-era airplane on a Santa Monica golf course. The decision to crash land was taken due to an engine failure. Ford suffered injuries on his arm and head post the landing, reports NBC. Workers at the golf course said that the Han Solo actor tried to maneuver the plane to avoid hitting the golfers.

In 1999, the Indiana Jones star crash-landed a helicopter in Ventura County during a training flight with an instructor. The scar on the actor’s face is also because of an injury. In 1964, while driving and trying to buckle his seat belt simultaneously, Harrison Ford crashed into a telephone pole and got a scar on his face as a result of the injury.

The FAA investigation for the recent landing issue will decide if Harrison Ford can take the controls of an airplane in the future.

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