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Grammys 2017: Singer’s Trump-Inspired Dress Drew Mixed Reactions

Grammys 2017 and other awards night like Oscars or BAFTA or Guild Awards are usually a ground for artists to make a statement. Off late, most acceptance speeches are politically flavored. It looks like the sentiment is slowly seeping into the red carpet.

Singer Joy Villa arrived at Grammys 2017 wearing a gown with the name of the most unpopular person in the music industry right now. She walked in wearing a white gown but she stunned the photographers when she took off her gown to reveal another gown underneath.

Villa’s gown had Trump embezzled on the trail and the length of the gown donned the words Make America Great Again. No points for guessing that the color of the gown was blue and white, representing the flag of the nation. The biggest names in the music industry have chosen their sides.

Artists in Music Industry Have Chosen Their Side

Many singers openly rallied their support behind Hilary Clinton including Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus. The larger sentiment in the industry is anti-Trump so it is not a surprise that Joy Villa’s gown at Grammys 2017 was not a big hit. Her career was already told off because of her support for President Trump (according to Twitter).

It is not clear what message she wished to send across with her gown but the mention of the T word sends many into a fit of rage. Villa has earned the tag of being the worst dressed on the Grammys platform. Her previous outfits were nothing less than bizarre. Imagine just tiny strings of bright orange threads running around your body like you are wearing a paper decoration.

She captioned her photo, “My whole artistic platform is about LOVE! I couldn’t be where I am today without the love and tenderness of those beautiful supporters and friends around me.”

Twitter Reactions on Joy Villa’s Dress

There was a mixed reaction to Joy Villa’s gown. The singer who was not nominated for Grammys 2017 seems to have begun a debate on Twitter. Look at some of the reactions:

It is interesting to note that Joy Villa did not walk in with the Trump gown at the Grammys 2017. She only unveiled it later in front of the photographers. The pace at which she has been retweeting her pictures may tell another story. Before making her a hero, take a pause and think who gains much from this? To be famous, one needs to either side Trump or be against him.

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