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Grammys 2017 Seating Arrangement: We Might Expect Some Tension In The Audience

The organizers of the Grammys 2017 might be in for some drama if they do their seating arrangements wrong. We know that the Grammys invites all the famous and the hottest celebrities regardless of whatever issues they are in. This year, two celebs took our attention as they both will attend the awards – Rihanna and JLo.

Grammys 2017 Seating Arrangement: Rihanna And JLo At Front Row

We might see some side-eyes in the upcoming Grammys awards night as both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez will sit at the front. Although they won’t be seating next to each other, their position puts them on equal footing with each other. With a little indention at the center where Jay-Z and Beyonce will sit, JLo and Riri come next both at the front and center.

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The whirlwind romance between Jennifer Lopez and Drake got Rihanna’s attention as the latter unfollowed JLo on Instagram after the announcement of JLo-Drake relationship. Although lately, reports from Hollywood life say that the couple decided to go on a cool off because of their conflicting schedule. This doesn’t mean, however, that the spark between Drake and Rihanna died out because Drake has a habit of going back to his exes.

Justin Bieber, Kanye West And Nicki Minaj All No-Shows?

In the exclusive photos obtained by TMZ, Nicki Minaj seems to be missing from the arrangements. TMZ also confirmed that Kanye West and Justin Bieber will not attend the Grammies. At least, that’s one tension down as Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez will also attend the awards night.

If Nicki Minaj will attend, however, she might get a seat close to the rumored third party in her ended relationship with Meek Mill. Solange, who will be sitting behind Beyonce, has Arianna Grande on her back. Since Arianna and Nicki are bffs, we don’t know if the former has anything against Solange.

Bruno Mars, Adele And Lady Gaga Next To Queen Bey

Who will sit at the center next to the rap mogul Jay-Z and Queen Beyonce? It appears that Adele and Bruno Mars will sit to the left of Beyonce. Performing with Metallica, Lady Gaga will sit at the corner at the front side of Beyonce.

Grammys 2017 will feature Beyonce as the main performer. Lady Gaga will perform with Metallica and Adele will perform to honor the late artist, Prince. Watch out for more updates on the Grammys 2017 seating arrangement and see who created drama and who stays chill.

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