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Grammys 2017 Red Carpet Fashion Police: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

You gotta take it to the Hollywood Celebrities to overthink an awards night by going all out. Sometimes, the stars will succeed in shining, but sometimes, they fail miserably. This year is no exception as TrippedMedia will share to you who among the participants of the Grammys 2017 Red Carpet got it right.

Grammys 2017 Red Carpet Worst-Dressed

Grammys 2017 Red Carpet, Some Made It Political, Obviously.

Joy Villa used the Red Carpet to show her support for President Trump. In her sexy blue mermaid dress are the words “Make America Great Again”, and the bold letters TRUMP on the train of her gown. Whatever she wants to tell us, she’s in for a lot of side eyes.

Another artist just can’t decide what she should wear tonight. Her solution? Wear the entire kid’s ball pit instead.

This artist, however, seems to have worn all the CD’s she’s sold so far. Or she might be joining a recycling competition with this gown. Regardless of what she’s thinking,we think she succeeded in making people notice her. Since it is all about music tonight… we guess she got the theme right. But pardon us for saying, the look is just so off!

Photo Credit: Twitter/Koerdeilogy

Is it the Oscars? Is it Mr. Sandman? No, it’s just Cee Lo Green looking not so green, but gold. At least, he matches the Grammy trophy.

Grammys 2017 Red Carpet Best Dressed

Floral Is In! See the Stars In Their Best Floral Dress

Sophie Beem seems to have it all together as she sports a nude overall with floral pattern. She then tops it with an updo which enhances her curves.  This is one of the looks tonight that certainly caught our eyes, and in a good way. You got it, girl!

Another celebrity wearing a pastel lavender with a subtle floral pattern is Camilla Cabello. The former Fifth Harmony member shares a live update on her Grammys journey as she will present an award tonight.

Camila doing a twirl? So cute!

Tory Kelly also looked simply stunning tonight. Donning a green off-shoulder dress would not have worked with just anybody, but on her, it looked right. Her sideswept hair and pink lipstick worked too!

Florals and girly cuts may be in, but Tinashe ain’t having it. She wants those curves seen and who are we to disagree? She looks good! We’re feeling a lot of body envy now.

And while Adele preferred to keep it all covered, we’re loving her green ensemble too. Green must be her lucky color, because she bagged A LOT of awards.

Nude Gown Still In Fashion

One of the trends this decade, the nude gown, won’t say goodbye this year as stars continue to rock their figures. The gowns which leave little room to the imagination transcended from Miss Universe to Red Carpet. Here’s tonight’s performer Demi Lovato in her skintight nude gown and we still have to decide whether this is a fashion do or don’t as we can see her not just her silhouette but also her V.

Beyonce’s performance will be something to remember even after decades. Queen Bey wore a gold gown that embraced her pregnant figure.

Bold Fashion Statements, Lady Gaga is Back!

Lady Gaga, known for her shocking ensembles, rocks her red carpet ensemble tonight. Although only a few people can pull off the underboob show, Lady gaga surely knows how to. Previously criticized for her pot belly, Lady Gaga shuts down bashers tonight as she embraces her figure!

BadgalRiri does it again as she, once again, caught our breaths tonight as she wears a stunning orange cropped top and a layered back skirt. And those abs look great, no need for signs of boobs to be sexy!

Closed Neckline As The New Trend?

As we can see now, plunging necklines are so yesterday. Closed Neckline is the new fad in the red carpet today. Artists like Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Camilla Cabello and Katy Perry all sport an ensemble with closed necklines. The design gives off a conservative vibe but it all depends on the chest area whether they choose to show their humps.


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