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Grammys 2017 Highlights: Beyonce’s Baby Bump, TwentyOne Pilots In Underwear, James Corden Accident and More

Grammys 2017 Highlights: It’s not just the red carpet ensembles that shouted “crazy!” in this year’s awarding event. Stars also show their weird side when they went onstage to accept their awards. James Corden also executed his own brand of comedy tonight.

Grammys 2017 is wrapping up, but here’s a list of what we’ll remember about this year’s largest music event for all eternity.

Grammys 2017 Highlights:

James Corden Makes In Impact With His Entrance, Literally!

It’s gonna be tough to beat James Corden’s performance as a host in the Grammys. The comedian-host just made an impact upon his entrance that we are unsure if future hosts will like to emulate. He literally fell down the stairs as he makes his way down! Although obviously scripted, he managed to pull it off to make everyone laugh as he raps his introduction. Great job, James Corden!

TwentyOnePilots In Their Underwear, Delivering An Inspiring Speech

TwentyOne Pilots show their quirky side as they took off their pants to accept their awards. They, however, did a great job in their speech that even impressed The Rock. “Anyone from Anywhere can be anything”, congratulations TwentyOne Pilots!

Queen Beyonce and Baby Bump In Hologram

The pregnant goddess has arrived! Beyonce shows up with a stunning nude gown and a crown fit for her title. And she even surprised everyone with the 3d hologram of her exciting performance! Her daughter, Blue Ivy, dresses as Prince in honor of the late artist who will have a tribute performance from various artists tonight.

Bruno Mars Made  JLo and Rihanna Blush Through His Romantic Singing

Maybe Jennifer Lopez and Rhanna will now go after Bruno Mars instead of Drake after Bruno Mars’ performance tonight? During the performance, the camera showed JLo singing along with Bruno while Rihanna giggles as Bruno comes closer to the audience. There sure is a lot of charisma packed inside Bruno Mars’ body!

Katy Perry Throws Shade At The US Government

With the success of her new album, Chained To The Rythm, Katy Perry performance reflects her political stand. She wore an armband with the word “Resist” which is presumably for the liberals. At the end of her performance, the words “We are the people” were projected in the background.

Blue Ivy Wears Prince’s Signature Outfit But Tonight, She Is The Princess!

Blue Ivy, daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce continues to bring cuteness in the awards night as she also performs with her mother. Also, her adorable reactions to the performances are too much to handle! She’s like a backstage mom to her own momma Beyonce after the support she showed after Beyonce’s performance.

Adele Gets A Huge Applause Even After This Mishap

Adele shocked the whole stadium as she stops singing and requests the band to start over with her song. The artist was assigned to pay tribute to George Michael and she sounded off-pitch right from the start. Good thing she knows how she’s doing and requested a restart saying that she just can’t mess up her tribute to George Michael seemingly out of her high respects to the late singing legend.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga proved to us that even a crowd in their suits and gowns could go wild. In her performance with Metallica, Lady Gaga fearlessly jumped off the stage as she surfed through the crowd of suits and gowns.

And what’s a huge event night without throwing a major shade directly at President Donald Trump? BustaRhymes just addressed the POTUS as Agent Orange! BustaRhymes said at the beginning of his performance, “I want to thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban.” That takes a lot of guts and BustaRhymes sure has a lot of that!

And after tonight, I think we could all agree that Bruno Mars won tonight as everyone just got astonished by his Prince tribute. Not only did the 24k Magic artist sing Prince’s songs perfectly, he also dressed as Prince and even used Prince’s famous line. Twitter users applaud Mars’ performance as it made everyone stand to dance with the songs.


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