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GOT7 Jackson Scandal: The Truth About His Alleged Nude Video!

GOT7 Jackson Scandal: Rumors are making rounds that nude videos of several male idols and actors are circulating on the internet as of the moment. And these nude videos of popular male celebrities have been posted on Celebgate. Among these celebrities are GOT7’s Jackson, ASTRO’s Eunwoo, Seo Ha Jun and Kim Min Seok.

It is uncommon for celebrities to be involved in sex or nude scandals. However, that does not mean fans are pleased with these issues. Sex scandals may be a way for a star to boost his or her popularity like with Kim Kardashian. But these scandals can also break the star’s hard-earned career.

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GOT7 Jackson Scandal: Is It Him or Another Person in the Video?

There are no hard evidences of a nude video of Jackson being leaked online. However, that did not stop the rumors from emerging all over social media. On Twitter, Shady KPop Facts and New Pervs Boy accounts spread the GOT7 Jackson Scandal.

Fans were enraged at the accounts that started the rumors. In response to that, Shady KPop Facts took down their tweet and posted an apology. However, New Pervs Boy is yet to response on the issue.

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The Other Actors Involved

GOT7’s Jackson was not the only one tangled up in the nude video scandal. Descendants of the Sun actor Kim Min Seok reacted via Instagram about his alleged nude video. Koreaboo translated the Min Seok’s post and it was revealed that the actor would never do something ridiculous like filming himself naked.

Actor Seo Ha Jun was also involved with the nude video. As per reports, the actor was seen masturbating in the video. There were screenshots of the video but it is not confirmed whether it is Ha Jun or a person who looks similar to him. The actor’s agency promised to look into the video and make a confirmation about it.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment has not commented on the GOT7 Jackson Scandal as of the moment.

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