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Gong Minzy: Find Out If She Will Join A New Girl Group Soon!

Recently, Gong Minzy left 2NE1. And it seems like she will be joining Slam Dunk Unnies. Rumors of her possible joining are all over the internet. Are the rumors true?

Slam Dunk Unnie is a Korean variety show where an all-female cast try to make their dream come true within a specified budget. The first season of the show aired from April 8 to Dec. 2, 2016. The cast members of the first season released a track titled Shut Up in July 2016. The song was produced by Park Jin Young and features fellow singer Yoo Hee-yeol.

Gong Minzy and Slam Dunk Unnies


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According to Koreaboo, an official from KBS confirmed that Slam Dunk Unnies will have a second season. The program will change its format and will now include the girl group members. So far, season 2 will air sometime in February. The cast members and staff are currently discussing the show’s concept and theme.

Music Works Entertainment, the current agency of Gong Minzy, confirmed that there is a possibility of her joining the show. This will be Minzy’s first variety show appearance since her departure from YG Entertainment.

What Slam Dunk Unnies Can Offer

In the first season of Slam Dunk Unnies, the cast members formed a girl group called Unnies. The members include Min Hyo Rin, SNSD’s Tiffany, Jessi, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Sook, and Hong Jing Kyung. After Shut Up’s release, Tiffany was forced to leave the show due to a controversy. The controversy involved Tiffany uploading a picture of the Rising Sun flag along with the current flag of Japan. This sparked criticisms for the singer, making her withdraw from the show, which was suffering in ratings.

Now that a second season is already in the works, there will be a brand new cast and concept for the show. As of the moment, KBS has not released anything revealing who will be part of the cast. Viewers of the show are expecting a better season, especially with the possibility of Gong Minzy in the cast. Many are looking forward to her possible appearance after her separation from 2NE1 and YG Entertainment.

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