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Gigi Hadid: Supermodel Accused Of Racism Again And Again

Gigi Hadid (21) and Bella Hadid (20) garner attention not only as super models but also for a notorious reason. Quite often they are caught engaging in racist slurs and become the recipient of hate on social media. This time around it is the older Hadid sister who is facing some major hate after posting a picture.

Gigi Hadid swiftly took off the picture from Snapchat after realizing that it is called out for being racist. The center of the controversy is the supermodel posing with a statue of Buddha and trying to squint her eyes to look Asian.

Gigi Hadid: Racist Yet Again!

This is not the first instance when Gigi Hadid is called out for being racist. Once the video was uploaded by a Twitter Handle (@zainzayns), a mix of reactions came out. Some called the whole deal a non-issue while others were clearly not pleased.

The comments by Tweeple took a political turn as well. One comment on the thread reads, “Palestine called me and said they don’t claim her” to which another replies, “not surprised. She doesn’t claim Palestine either unless it’s convenient for her.” Ouch. Others were saying that it is made out into a big issue only because Gigi Hadid features in the video.

Gigi Hadid Vogue Cover Shoot

Many were baffled when they saw Gigi Hadid pose as a black girl for a magazine cover shoot. Some on Twitter wondered if there weren’t any black women left to do a cover shoot.

In another incident of what could be a racist slur episode, the supermodel is alongside comedian Aziz Ansari. As she poses for the camera, Ansari butts in saying, “You didn’t post the part where you were saying all the racist slurs, did you?” The video awkwardly ends with Hadid apparently taken by surprise. If it is a staged performance or a genuine comment, no one would ever know.

Gigi Hadid is also a constant fodder for the gossip mills as she is dating the most popular singer in the industry. Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik is often seen in her social media pictures. The couple made their relationship official when they walked the red carpet for 2016 Met Gala together.

Gigi Hadid or Bella Hadid have never openly spoken about the racist accusations that’s mounted on them. They are mostly seen either deleting their tweets/pictures or just stay completely silent.

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