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Gigi Hadid Racist Video Gets More Hate- This Time From Chloe Bennet

Gigi Hadid is making news for all the wrong reasons. The supermodel has been accused of being racist and judgmental against Asians. She was squinting her eyes while holding a Buddha statue. Gigi Hadid Racist chants had begun on Twitter since the post showed up.

The video was soon deleted after a lot of criticism came her way. However, one of the users on Twitter got hold of the video and put it up on social media site. Soon, a lot of tweets directing hate towards the Victoria Secret model came calling. Even her boyfriend Zayn Malik was dragged into it.

Gigi Hadid Racist Controversy Gathers Momentum

Chloe Bennet wrote a scathing note to Gigi Hadid talking about the recent controversy. She penned down a heartfelt letter, probably the most logical one regarding the incident. The Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress spoke about her Asian roots and the bullying she had to face in her childhood.

Bennet posted a picture of her childhood with the letter starting off with, “Dear Gigi Hadid…” She speaks about people constantly making fun of her ‘Asian eyes’. The bullying was so intense that the actress tried to alter the way she looked to be accepted by everyone.

Dear Gigi Hadid, As a kid, (and frankly as an adult) people would make fun of me for being Chinese. For having "Asian eyes". I would laugh it off because it was always a "joke", and if I didn't I was being "too sensitive". But in reality it made me feel horrible. Like, just BEING ME was a joke that was not meant to be taken seriously. I was embarrassed of who I was. I dyed my hair blonde to make myself look less Asian just so I could feel "worthy" of the people who made me feel less than. Fortunately, now I know that none of this is true. That my value does not come from how I LOOK, but from my CHARACTER. From how I treat others. I know I am not alone in feeling these things. It hurts my heart to see someone like you, a beautiful young woman with so much influence, act in this inconsiderate way. This does not make you a bad person or racist, however, it does make you ignorant to the pain that your actions can cause others. No matter how unintentional those actions are. And, even if it was just "a joke". So…to the young Asian men and women who are used to laughing off others ignorance, even though deep down you are hurting. I HEAR YOU. You are badass. You are awesome. Who you are is not "funny". YOU determine your self worth. Be proud of who you are. ???–Also, I'm also sorry for how many run on sentences there are in this letter. ? Love, Chloe P.S. While I'm at it, Asian men are super sexy. So with all due respect fuck you Steve Harvey.

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She goes on to say, “I dyed my hair blonde to make myself look less Asian just so I could feel “worthy” of the people who made me feel less than.” She makes a very reasonable point as opposed to those who are callously charging at Hadid on Twitter. Benett says that she is hurt that someone with so much influence like Gigi could act in an ‘inconsiderate way’.

Racism Against Asians Prevails Much In Hollywood

How many times have you seen a TV show or a movie where an Asian is typecast as someone who is either a Nerd or a store owner? There could be thousands of such examples. Steve Harvey also had a foot in the mouth moment when he called Asian men not eligible to date either by white or black women.

The talk show host went on to imitate a black women’s voice saying, “I don’t even eat Chinese food boy, It don’t stay with you no time. I don’t eat what I can’t pronounce.” A lot of his Asian fans were not very pleased with this statement.

Zayn Malik was dragged into the Gigi Hadid Racist controversy. Malik himself has Asian roots but he chose to defend his girlfriend. He also got angry with those who were trying to teach him a lesson on being non-racist.

Wonder what Gigi Hadid will be doing next- is an apology on the way?

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