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George Michael Will Not Be Buried Until March, Family Laments

The family of George Michael is not pleased with the turn of events. Apparently, police are still investigating the legendary singer’s cause of death. The coroner will release his body “several weeks later”, according to reports.

At 53, the Careless Whisper singer was found dead in his home in Goring-On-Thames. His partner, Fadi Fawaz, was the one who found Michael immobile on his bed. No cause of death is determined as of the moment. However,  Michael’s manager Michael Lippman, claimed the singer had heart attack.

George Michael: He’ll Be Buried In March

Michael’s death was a huge shock to the world, especially since he died on Christmas morning in 2016. The family’s grief, however, was strained when the police announced they need to further investigate the cause of death. This means that the funeral will be held months after George Michael was found dead. The delay has caused an “intolerable” strain to Michael’s family, especially to his father Kyriacos Panayiotou.

“It’s terrible for his father. He wants to go to the funeral but the police are refusing to release the body because they are still looking for further clues,” Vasili Panayi, a Greek radio host, said.

Fadi Fawaz: Family Banned Him From The Funeral

Andros Georgiou, the cousin of Michael, revealed that Fadi Fawaz is banned from attending the funeral. According to Georgiou, the family is not in good terms with Fawaz. Georgiou even called Fawaz a “gold digger”.

“Fadi is not welcome because the family hates him. Heaven only knows what will happen if he shows up. Everybody thinks he is a gold-digger. He was not really George’s boyfriend,” Georgiou said.

In addition to that, Georgiou claimed that Michael was planning to dump Fawaz after Christmas. He was also suspicious of Fawaz, claiming that the latter’s call to 999 did not make any sense.

“Fadi was too calm and collected. When somebody died, you’d sound hysterical, right? He also said he waited for George to wake up for hours. That doesn’t make sense, especially if it’s on Christmas. I think he wasted time, when he could have saved George,” Georgiou said.

Fawaz has been ruled out as a suspect by the police. However, Georgiou was convinced Fawaz could have prevented the Last Christmas singer’s death.

“The fact that Fadi didn’t know the address and George’s birthday just shows that they are not really close. And the way he said ‘Oh it’s George Michael – you know, the singer’ was really wrong,” Georgiou said.

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