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George Michael Grammys Tribute: Family Only Wanted Adele To Do It

It seems that the family of the late George Michael trusted no one to do a tribute to him except Adele. This news comes from Adele herself and according to reports, she was “fully committed” on this tribute, as witnessed by many who watched the Grammy’s last weekend.

Adele’s Tribute To George Michael

Adele spoke with Sunday People regarding her tribute for George Michael who died on Christmas Day last year, devastating thousands of fans around the world. The United Kingdom considers Michael like royalty and for him to die at the age of 53 was very upsetting. Adele shared that when she heard the news, she spoke with her partner Simon and said that she had to do that tribute.

At first, George Michael’s family didn’t want a tribute. But Adele said that they responded later and were very specific that it had to be Adele.

The “Hello” singer replied that she had something in mind regarding the tribute. She also added that if the family wanted her to do it, she’ll do it.

Adele spoke how she saw Michael as a true icon and how exceptionally good looking he was. Adele even added that she was “blown away by how f-king hot” Michael was when his video showed on screen. What’s clear during the Grammy’s was that Adele was completely honored at having to do a tribute to one of her favorite idols.

Adele Was “Fully Committed”

According to Billboard, Adele was completely hands-on with the tribute. The Grammy’s executive producer Ken Ehrlich said that Adele was fully committed and that the tribute was important to her. Ehrlich is known for having worked with Michael a number of times in the past.

Adele was 10 years old when she heard Fast Love and said she connected to the lyrics. This is probably why she chose the song to sing at the tribute in the first place.

Adele won best record, song and album two times at the Grammys held in Los Angeles last weekend. All the hubbub about her isn’t dying anytime soon, especially after her George Michael tribute. Adele isn’t stopping for a break as she’s on her way to Australia for her world tour.

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