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George Lucas Art Museum: What’s So Special About This Billion Dollar Museum

After much deliberation, George Lucas Art Museum is shaping up by the day. Once it comes into existence, nothing will quite match its grandeur.

Since a couple of years now, George Lucas Art Museum was on a dubious note. There was an open tussle and a lobby between the states to get it on their soil. George almost shook hands with San Francisco Mayor on a deal to set up the museum on Treasure Island. Before San Francisco, it was perhaps Chicago’s Mayor who came close to seeing such success with negotiations. The project is LA-bound today.

George Lucas Art Museum: Contents and Build-up

George Lucas, for his part, is a legend of Hollywood. Born and bred in California, he was never too far away from Hollywood’s clutches. Even though he keeps his business minimum with the Hollywood’s who’s who, he cuts a significant figure in the new Hollywood era. He contemplates leaving a legacy in the form of an architecture – possibly the best of its kind.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will house a plethora of collectibles from Lucas’ chest. Not to mention, the budget is a whopping 1.1 Billion Dollars. Go figure. After the construction, this museum will stand as one of the most outrageous projects of recent memory. Needless to say, it’s a long road before the Museum comes to see the light of the day.

The creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones is an avid collector since the good ol’ days. Furthermore, rare and original props from the sets of his movies will feature in his museum too. Cinematic art will take the cynosure, accompanied by several paintings and vintage photographs.

The Legacy

Now 72-years-old, George was bent on the project for a while. Due to stalled negotiations and inability to arrive on a common ground with some state’s authorities, the project was on a dubious note. In the wake of recent success with negotiations, LA is confirmed to house the project.

George Lucas didn’t quite have high preference for any place, but he is back to where he started. Due to LA’s association with the show business, it’s only right that museum is there. Under the circumstances, the George Lucas art museum should come into existence by 2020. Upon its opening, it will almost certainly generate a lot of revenue. George only cares about his legacy, of course.

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