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George Clooney Is Going To Be An Amazing Father

George Clooney is looking to be an amazing father. How can we tell? It’s the way he talks about his wife’s safety and planning out the future of his kids that gives him that overprotective yet fun father image. Clooney, 55 and Amal, 39, are expecting twins in June and Clooney recently shared his plans regarding his family.

George Clooney On Being A Dad and Amal’s Safety

George Clooney recently spoke to Paris Match, a French magazine, on what his plans are regarding his and his wife’s safety. Clooney expressed that in order to avoid danger, he’ll have to be responsible and not go to the Congo or South Sudan. Likewise, Amal will also stop going to Iraq for now and other places where she’s not welcome.

Amal is known as an international human rights lawyer. Her work and clients sometimes take her to places considered dangerous. Her recent client Nadia Murad was a human trafficking survivor and Amal took on ISIS on her behalf.

As for the plans after Amal gives birth, Clooney shared that they will be traveling a lot. The family has three countries in mind- England, America and Italy. They own a house in each country as well. So far, plans include traveling to and fro each country except when their children start going to school. Clooney said that’s when they’ll decide where to settle. But for now, they’ll have to travel around depending on their schedules.

The couple may seem busy, but Clooney also assured many that they’re always together. In fact, they haven’t been separated for more than a week.

The Announcement

The news of Amal and Clooney expecting twins flooded entertainment headlines as early as January. But now that it’s confirmed, Clooney has been sporting wide smiles while talking about it

In his interview with Rencontres de Cinema, Clooney shared that he and Amal are really excited. He mentioned that having kids is going to be an adventure and something he and his wife are embracing “with arms wide open”.

George Clooney really seems to have this family business down seriously. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for both Amal and Clooney come June.

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