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George And Amal Clooney Twins: Hospital, Nursery Room Ready For A Boy And Girl

Even Hollywood A-lister and international human rights lawyer George and Amal Clooney are no strangers to nerves when it comes to being parents to twins. Being a first-time parent is stressful enough, but planning for two babies? We can only imagine how the two are dealing with this tidbit.

Amal, however, is busying herself choosing the best of the best for her and George’s kids. Apparently, the lawyer has already selected which London hospital she will be giving birth in this summer. She has also chosen a backup New York hospital just in case they are traveling when she gives birth.

George And Amal Clooney Excited And Nervous For The Twins

According to reports, George and Amal Clooney already chose and designed a bedroom for the twins in their $12,000,000 17th century manor on the outskirts of London. Talk about being Hollywood royalties. These twins are going to be so spoiled.

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A source told People, as quoted by Metro UK, that George has been feeling “nervous” but “excited” at the same time. Though he is excited to finally see the twins, he’s also nervous about becoming a father to them. He and Amal were surprised to know that they were having twins because they thought that one was enough for them.

George’s close friend, Matt Damon, said he found out about Amal’s pregnancy from the 55-year-old actor himself. Being a father, Damon advised Clooney to wait for a while before announcing to the world that he and Amal are expecting.

Damon believes that the couple will be wonderful parents to the twins, and he’s so excited for them. He even said he almost cried when George told him.

Meanwhile, other people are chiming in about how George and Amal should raise their kids. Brooke Shields said the two should allow their kids to grow up away from the spotlight of Hollywood. They have enough focused on them already that their kids should not grow up to it, too.

George’s Mom Confirmed Boy And Girl For The Couple

George’s mom, Nina Clooney, was the one to confirm that the couple is going to have a boy and a girl. She said that she and her husband, Nick Clooney, are so excited for the arrival of their new grandkids.

It can be remembered that George initially doesn’t want to have children. He once said that he simply wants to play with his friends’ kids and return them back when they’re having tantrums. George and Amal Clooney are expecting the birth of their twins in June.

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