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Filipino Love Team ALDUB Has Twitter In Hysterics Again

Aldub, perhaps the most popular supercouple to date, has sent Twitter in a frenzy once again. Comprised of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub), their tandem broke records and trends when they appeared anywhere in their home country. But their crazy following certainly made a splash even here, and in other parts of the world.

Now, with the debut of their new drama program Destined To Be Yours which hits small screens on Monday, Feb. 27, it comes as no surprise that they are getting ready to set to break Twitter stats once again.

Aldub New Drama Series Highly Anticipated By Many

Last August, Alden confirmed that he and Maine are set to star in an upcoming comedy-drama series during his thanksgiving party. Entitled Destined To Be Yours, the show will focus on star-crossed lovers Sinag Obispo (Maine) and Benjie Rosales (Alden). GMA Network’s newest primetime series will debut on small screens in the Philippines on Feb. 27, with a same-day premiere via GMA Pinoy TV.

The trailer, which was released last Feb. 14 in time for Valentine’s, became a top trending topic instantly on Twitter. The three-minute long clip introduces both characters and how they met. Sinag is a cheeky yet wide-eyed girl in search for love. Meanwhile, Benjie is a career-driven guy who does not take relationships seriously. Interestingly, Sinag’s mom, who is a painter, creates a portrait of a man who looks exactly like Benji. They chance upon each other after a weird hanging bridge situation, and the rest is history.

Check out the Destined To Be Yours trailer below:

Aldub Continues To Be Phenomenal Love Team

The phenomenal on-screen couple has been widely talked about on social media. With their upcoming series set to make a debut in a few days, it is not surprising that they are trending once again. For a while, Aldub took a backseat owing to the time they devoted to film their upcoming show, Destined To Be Yours. There was also less screen time for them in the last few months. Now that they’re back, Twitter and other social media channels should get ready for skyrocket high numbers!

Interestingly, GMA Network, which houses both stars, have announced that the couple will be heading to Baguio to attend one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines. According to the network, Alden and Maine will banner the Kapuso float on Feb. 26 during the much-celebrate Panagbenga Float Parade. Fans are able to catch the live coverage of the Panagbenga Float Parade from 7 to 10 AM with Balitang Amianan‘s Faye Centeno and CJ Torrida.

Destined To Be Yours premieres on Philippine TV on Monday, Feb. 27 after Encantadia.

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