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Family Matters Star Darius McCrary Accused Of Hurting Baby Daughter, Wife Because Of Drugs

Family Matters star Darius McCrary is slapped with domestic abuse allegations again. This is the second time that the actor is hit by such claims. Here are the details on his second case filed by his wife.

Family Matters Star Darius McCrary Facing A Domestic Abuse Case

Tammy Brawner, former Harlem Globetrotter, claims that husband and Family Matters star Darius McCrary held their one-year-old daughter Zoey above a pot of boiling water. She added that McCrary even said that he “wished he never had her”.

Furthermore, Brawner said that McCrary also spanked their daughter frequently and would even strap her arms during meals.

Brawner shared that the one incident that made her file a restraining order was on Feb. 10. That day, Brawner claims that McCrary started throwing picture frames and other household objects that was too close to their daughter. In addition, she said that McCrary also hit her head with his forearm.

Aside from these allegations, Brawner also added that McCrary gets violent since he drinks regularly, comes home wasted and uses drugs.

What’s The Verdict

The case ruled in favor of Brawner and Zoey. An order issued for McCrary to move out and stay 100 yards away from them at least. McCrary also have no Visitation rights until after the hearing in March. Brawner’s plans as of the moment indicate that she’s planning on filing for divorce.

McCrary’s representative, Atty. Glen T Jonas, claims that Brawner is “no victim” and that she is only trying to extort money off the actor. Jonas adds that McCrary is a “devoted and dedicated” father and that Brawner’s allegations are all lies. Brawner getting fired from the Globetrotters was a reason for her filing a case against McCrary, according to the attorney. The attorney also claimed that she’s only doing this for “media attention”.

Back in 2010, McCrary’s ex wife Karrine Steffans also accused him of domestic violence. Steffans then said that McCrary hit her on separate occasions.

McCrary denied these allegations and his representative spoke to E! News during the incident. Their statement says that Steffans did not take the news of their divorce well. McCrary’s representatives also claims she resorted to these kinds of public defamation.

Such news of the actor and his family is unfortunate and hopefully McCrary’s representative could get back to news sites who have been asking for comments on the matter.

What do you think of this incident regarding Family Matters star Darius McCrary? Share us your thoughts below.

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