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Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper made history this year as the artist with a stream-only album to ever receive a Grammy award. He won three awards this year as the Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album. He also performed live in this year’s Grammy Awards right after Bruno Mars’ Prince Tribute Performance.

Chance The Rapper – Why He Gives Away His Music For Free

According to his interview with Vanityfair, Chancellor Jonathan Bennett never really wanted to sell his music. He wanted his music free for everyone just so that he could also be free with how he makes music. Through his strategy, he could collaborate with different artist without having someone to dictate as to with whom it will be.

True enough, this made him collaborate with artists like Justin Bieber, Young Thug, Kanye West and many more. Although he doesn’t make money from selling his music in online streaming services, he earns through touring and selling merchandise. His favorite musician and composer is Kirk Franklin who influenced him in gospel music.

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He Campaigned For Hillary Clinton

Although he says that Trump winning the elections didn’t come out as a surprise, Chance feels that Americans have a duty to be politically and socially active. In 2014, Chicago named him as an Outstanding Youth of the Year. His father, who ran for senate under Barack Obama’s party, campaigned with him against gun violence.

He Got Suspended From School For Smoking Weed

Chance has a knack for turning something negative into great things as he turned his school suspension into a “10-day” mixtape. He never really cared for school and he barely finished his senior year. He used to to give his mixtapes for free and after his suspension, he got more popular than before.

When Malia Obama was reported to be smoking weed, he showed his support by making a t-shirt inspired by the former first daughter. It has the big word “Malia” at the front and a small writing at the bottom that says, “We all smoke. It’s OK.”

Personal Life as A Father, A Son And A Husband

Chance dotes on his family very much that he even does his little girl’s hair. He tweeted once before how he does his girl’s hair with his cheatcodes. He also posted a picture of his wife’s baby bump whom he started dating back in 2013. He said in his interview that his father is the proudest person for him and that he takes his values from his father.

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