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Emma Watson: Actress Acted Like A Diva At ELLE Style Awards

Emma Watson wasn’t exactly feeling it at the ELLE Style Awards in London. Although she won the ceremony’s top prize, Woman of the Year, that failed to perk up the Harry Potter actress. Reportedly, Watson was 90 minutes late to the ceremony and then, she only stayed for a little over an hour.

Guests, including Nick Grimshaw and Thandie Newton, stayed for the after-party. Watson, on the other hand, went straight home. Fans were reportedly disappointed that they waited for almost two hours for the star to arrive, but only to see her for a little bit.

Emma Watson Is Not In The Mood For The Awards Night

It certainly felt like Emma Watson is acting up because Elle is a tiny magazine with a small viewership, unlike GQ or Cosmopolitan. A-listers in Hollywood even snubbed the party as no one from the Hollywood’s top tier attended the event.

Emma WatsonPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

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A source told The Sun that the Beauty and the Beast actress was “obviously” not interested since she was late and did not attend the dinner. When she arrived, she insisted that only her chosen photographer can take pictures of her in a private room. As soon as the show is over, she was photographed wearing a big cape to cover her stunning Dior gown.

She was then rushed to a waiting car by her security and quickly sped off. This was not the first time that Watson has been labeled a diva.

Emma Watson Still Miffed At La La Land Miss?

It was recently revealed that she and Miles Teller were supposed to star in the award-winning film La La Land. However, because Watson was so demanding, the producers felt that the role was not right for her. They offered the role to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and the rest, as they say, is history.

According to reports, the British actress wanted the rehearsals for the film to be held in London even though the story was based in Los Angeles, California. She also took her own sweet time deciding if she wants the role. Eventually, the producers were the one who pulled the rug from under her.

Now, sources are saying that Emma Watson is miffed that she lost the opportunity to star in La La Land. That’s after seeing Stone rake awards left and right, and could be a shoo-in for Best Actress at the Oscars next week.

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