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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield: Are They Still Secretly Seeing Each Other?

About two years ago, Emma Stone Andrew Garfield were making hearts flutter every time photos of them come out in the internet and various social media accounts. At the same time, how many hearts did they break when they finally announced last year that they have parted ways?

The two met in 2011 on the set of Spider-Man and immediately began dating. They were together for four years, and was once even rumored to be engaged as they were often seen in New York City with Stone’s or Garfield’s family.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield still love each other?

Though they parted ways, Emma Stone Andrew Garfield have always been vocal about their respect, admiration, and love for each other. During a round table with The Hollywood Reporter, as quoted by ET Online, the 33-year-old actor was asked who he would want to be deserted on an island with.

His answer? “Emma Stone. I love Emma. She’s all right. She can come.” This was not such a surprise for their fans because the two were even seen strolling in London together in August. Though many thought they are back together after their breakup last year, a source explained that the 28-year-old actress was just passing through London and decided to meet with the British actor.

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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Emma Stone Web

There were no clear reasons why Emma Stone Andrew Garfield decided to separate ways, but they have always maintained a pretty good relationship for people who shared a romantic past.

Stone has same sentiments of love

If you ask the La La Land actress, she feels exactly the same was as Garfield. In an interview promoting her film, Stone described the actor as “someone I still love very much.” When asked about what it was like to be single, the actress said it has its “pros and cons,” obviously still reeling from her failed romance with Garfield.

In the past, there were rumors that Garfield cheated on Stone, and that the actress was becoming closer to her La La Land co-star, Ryan Gosling. Then, there were also news that they were finding it hard to work out their relationship because they were always away filming their respective films. None of these proved to destroy the good friendship Emma Stone Andrew Garfield maintained, so here’s hoping they can settle their differences and finally get back together.

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