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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield: Are They Secretly Back Together

No two people are better at this exes thing than Emma Stone Andrew Garfield. That is, if they really are exes. Collectively known as Stonefield or EmDrew, the two were spotted being sweet and cuddly after the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) over the weekend.

But hey, no one’s complaining. Cuddle all you want, lovebirds. The pair supposedly broke up in 2015, but they haven’t been involved with anyone since the split, making many believe that they are still secretly dating behind our backs (please let this be true).

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Are Best Friends And Best Lovers?

At a pre-BAFTA bash, Emma Stone Andrew Garfield were seen hugging each other like two long-lost friends. They apparently chatted for about 30 minutes before going their own way. Eventually, Stone won the Best Actress award for her role in La La Land, and Garfield, they say, has been mighty proud of his ex.

Emma Stone Andrew GarfieldPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of themazekills

But it wasn’t the hug that caused tongues to wag once more for Hollywood’s cutest couple. During an after-party at Grosvenor House, the two were reportedly cozying up to each other and they even held hands. In fact, a photo was snapped of Garfield talking with Fifty Shades Darker star Jamie Dornan while Stone waited on the side.

Did they leave the party together? Apparently, they did! Well, considering that these two have remained friends over the year, that they were supposedly separated, isn’t a surprise at all.

The British actor may just be taking his ex for a stroll through London streets, just like in August 2016 when they were snapped together. Coincidences are a favorite for Stone and Garfield’s shippers.

In their 2016 interview, both were vocal about their affection for each other. Stone said she still loves and cares for Garfield very much and her year has been a rollercoaster ride. As for Garfield, he chose the actress to be the person he wants to get stuck on an island with.

Clue That They Are Secretly Together?

In December 2016, Stone said she was very much single. But asked again last month, the actress refused to comment. This was in the middle of the awards season, when she and Garfield were bound to bump into each other.

Many believe that Emma Stone Andrew Garfield are just keeping things under wraps. In fact, there were also reports that they were secretly engaged.

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