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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Engaged: The Truth To Secret Engagement Rumors

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield engaged rumors would never rest simply because we love seeing these two amazing actors together. The two had have always love and care for each other, and so we wanted the duo to be together always. But they broke up, and that broke our hearts as well.

But lo and behold, it seems our wildest fantasies about this pair is about to come true. Reports are saying that the two want to give their relationship another shot, and they have got secretly engaged. This came out after Stone was seen wearing a sparkling ring on her finger during the Golden Globe Awards.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Engaged: What’s The Truth?

It’s still too early to say if the Emma Stone Andrew Garfield engaged rumors are true. What we do know is that Garfield acted extremely sweet when Stone was awarded the Best Actress Award during the Golden Globe held earlier this month. He gave her a standing ovation as she went up the stage to receive the award.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield EngagedPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the IG page of emmastone_andrewgarfield

That led many to believe that there’s more to this “friendship” than the two let on. They have always spoken highly of each other, with the British actor saying he would choose to be with Stone if he’s ever stuck on an island. The actress, on the other hand, said Garfield will always be special to her.

What’s interesting to note is that just last December, the actress said in an interview that she was very much single. But when asked the same question this January, she wouldn’t answer anymore. Was that a hint that she and Garfield are back together?

Stone Raking In Awards

If ever the rumors are true, we’re sure that the actress would defer any plan of marrying the British actor. She’s been raking awards left and right for her role in La La Land. The Academy Awards is just around the corner, and she’s making a good case to raising the trophy at the end of the night.

As for Garfield, he’s doing well, career- wise. He’s also nominated as Best Actor for his role in Hacksaw Ridge. If ever it’s true, these Emma Stone Andrew Garfield engaged news are just toppings to seemingly flawless careers.

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