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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield: How Andrew Reacted To Emma’s Win Stole Out Hearts Again

Is it possible to love Emma Stone Andrew Garfield even more? Garfield was Stone’s biggest fan at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night after she scooped the Best Actress in a Musical for her role in La La Land. The actor, who is Stone’s on/off boyfriend for the past year, gave a solo standing ovation for the actress.

Since they met in 2010 and confirmed their relationship in 2011, Stone and Garfield have been Hollywood’s sweethearts. It seems no one can compete with Stone’s beauty and wit combined with Garfield’s puppy-dog eyes, charm, and intelligence. For years, they were what “relationship goals” mean for many kids on social media.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield: Are they together or not?

So when Stone finally broke her silence in December 2016 to Rolling Stone, and said she is single, fans got their hearts broken. The Emma Stone Andrew Garfield saga finally came to an end. After six years of being cute and cuddly together while walking the streets of New York, one of them finally confirmed what fans are frightened of—they are no longer together.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Lauren Yap

Fans of the actors, Stonefield or EmDrew for their shippers, should not worry, though. During Sunday night’s award ceremony at the cavernous Beverly Hilton, Garfield stoop up and applauded amid the sea of Hollywood actors when Stone stepped on stage to receive her award. His reaction caused Twitter to erupt about any possibility that the two will find their roads meeting again.

Stone and Garfield have always talked fondly about each other. In fact, two days before the Golden Globes, the two were seen together at the AFI Awards luncheon. Apparently, Stone went to Garfield’s table to chat with the actor.

A report said the two were very animated and looked excited to bumped into each other. Who’s hoping that the awards season will put them back together?

Stone’s speech is about dreaming

Aside from Garfield giving his ex a standing ovation, there was one other important thing that happened when Stone received her Best Actress award. Her speech talked about the importance of dreaming and of believing you can reach them.

She thanked her parents and her brother for putting up with her, and believing that she can fulfill all her goals. Finally, she shared the award with any artist who had the doors shut on their faces “either literally or figuratively.”

But really, that Emma Stone Andrew Garfield moment was the stuff dreams are truly made of. We wonder what else happened during the night. We can’t wait for more details!

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