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Eminem New Song 2017: New Favors With Sean Knight Can Lead To Arrest

Eminem new song 2017 is drawing a lot of flak. Dubbed New Favors, the track will be released by rapper Big Sean in his album I Decided. Controversy struck when the new song features a verse that was written by the Detroit-based artist. Now, many of both musicians’ fans and supporters are expressing their disapproval towards the new material, with the threat of an organization even pressing charges.

Eminem New Song 2017 Sparks Controversy

According to music website DJ Booth, New Favors is a collaboration between rapper Big Sean and Eminem. In one of the 44-year-old rapper’s verses, he called out President Donald Trump, labeling him a “bitch” and promising to ruin his brand.

“I’m anti, can’t no government handle a commando. Your man don’t want it. Trump’s a bitch” Eminem raps on the collab track that also talks about racism, the Flint water crisis, and the widespread police brutality.

Reports say that activists in the hip hop community are getting ready for a political battle. Reports mention how their crosshairs are on Trump, as well as on Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is rumored to be the next attorney general.

Eminem New Song 2017 draws flak from women’s rights group

Another report from All Hip Hop notes that women’s rights group, RINJ Foundation, is speaking out against the same track. It was Eminem’s lyrics about “urinating on Fergie” that is drawing flak from the group.

Eminem also mentioned about “raping conservative talk show host Ann Coulter” with a “Klan poster / a lamp post / door handle and a damn bolt cutter.”

The foundation is behind the “Rape is no Joke” campaign which has been supporting victims of sexual violence. RINJ labeled both rappers as “America’s most popular and most vulgar heroes.” On a tangent, the organization notes how the lyrics were very indicative of how low America has sank since Donald Trump assumed office.

“Saner minds need to prevail and shut this trash down,” the RINJ Foundation said in a statement. According to the foundation, by suggesting that it is okay to rape women who earned the ire of men is just wrong and quite criminal, Eminem and the parties involved in this song must face arrest.  The foundation finds the lyrics just inexcusable.

Eminem’s diss is part of a larger trend in 2016, when hip hop starts fighting Trump after nearly three decades of idolizing his wealth and power as heard in many tracks.

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