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Eminem Memorabilia: This Ought To Make You Drive For More Than 8 Miles

Almost everyone has some weird collection, be it something worth of value or something that they are truly passionate about. For some, it’s stamps and coins, and for others, it could be memorabilia from their favourite movies. Well here’s some memorabilia that can attract Hip-Hop fans and movie buffs alike. The city of Eastpointe is selling its street signs in what could be the best time to get Eminem memorabilia.

Wait, what do street signs have to do with Eminem memorabilia?

Well if you happen to remember a small movie back in 2002, one that became such a cultural phenomenon that it made more than six times its budget, then you are on the right track. 8 Mile, was Marshall Mathers’s debut movie and boy did it really make an impact. Now, 15 years later, you can finally purchase a sign from the city that marks the 8 mile road.
There are 18 signs available measuring 24 inches wide by 6 inches tall.

So are we still going to have signs in Eastpointe?

Of course, we will. In fact, the city government is selling these old signs for only $25 each because they will be replacing them with new ones.

It has certainly garnered so much attention. According to sources, Eastpointe’s city manager, Steve Duchane said that  “People were lined up at City Hall on a Monday. They were there to get their signs before everyone else could.”

Can we still get some?

Well, we think that there won’t be any more left if were to drive to Detroit. However, we probably think that some of the people who bought a sign are probably going to sell them for a lot of money. So our best bet at this point is eBay.

According to the same source, some of the people who picked up a sign did so in order to raise money for charity. Whilst truly generous of them, it is no doubt that these signs will easily sell, even for exorbitant prices.

When it comes collecting memorabilia, you have to be faster than anyone else. Lest you miss out on an opportunity such as this one. Aww, bummer!

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