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Eminem Latest Updates: Rap God’s Track Named Among Timeless Hits? ‘Welcome to Planet X’ Tops Weekly Chart

Eminem made his way to the list of “most timeless” hits. Meanwhile, his contribution to the newest track of KXNG Crooked came in first on the weekly Top 10 Hip Hop singles and videos. defined “timeless tunes” as the songs that last after years of their release. Such hits remain famous even in the midst of the popularity of other artists. One of these songs that are considered timeless is a hit by Eminem. Polygraph editor Matthew Daniels made a list of top 10 artists whose song is still famous among listeners, years after they were publicized.

Daniels collected the songs included in Billboard’s Top 100 chart starting from 1950 to 2005. He then cross-referenced it with the play count from Spotify to get the results.

The rap god’s 2002 track, Lose Yourself, turns out to be the most timeless hit as it ranked number one on the list. It was followed by Mr. Brightside from The Killers and Numb from Linkin Park. Next was Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Another entry from Linkin Park also made it as their song, In The End, ranked sixth on the list. Next was OutKast’s Hey Ya! and Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes took the ninth spot while Coldplay’s Fix You came in the last spot.

However, many might think that Daniel’s method of conducting the research is not scientific enough. For one thing, the 75 million listeners from Spotify are mostly tech-savvy youngsters who are very selective with the music that they want to listen to again and again. Additionally, some big artists from the past era and even on the current year are not included on Spotify like Taylor Swift and The Beatles.

According to the outlet, if there is one song that should be considered to be the most timeless, it is Nat King and Natalie Cole’s first-dance wedding music, Unforgettable. But sadly, it was ranked 2,740 on the list.

Meanwhile, KXNG Crooked’s newest single featuring Eminem ranked first in the Top 10 Weekly Hip Hop Singles and Videos according to HiphopDX.

While his fans are waiting for the release of his next album, Slim provided them with a track to listen to in the meantime. He made an introduction to Crooked’s latest hit Welcome to Planet X which is included in the rapper’s new released album, Good vs. Evil.

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