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This Is The Ed Sheeran Valentine’s Video You Need To Watch

Ed Sheeran might be on many people’s minds on Valentine’s Day. Well, what we mean is his songs are a perfect mix to the whole Valentine’s feel. A very cute video has emerged from The Ellen Show that will just appeal to the mushy hearts.

Imagine Ed Sheeran and an 8-year-old child gracing your screens on Valentine’s Day. Ellen made this happen on her show when little Kai belted out “Thinking Out Loud” by Sheeran.

Sweet Surprise By Ed Sheeran

Ellen asks Kai to sing Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud”. While Kai is singing the song in his animated way, Sheeran coolly walks and sits behind Kai. The child goes through the whole song without even knowing that the singer is behind him. All of this is happening as the audience is screaming their lungs out.

As soon as the song is over, Ellen asks Kai to look behind and lo and behold, it is none other than Ed Sheeran. You gotta love how kids can give the most unexpected reactions. Unlike most children, Kai just retreated out of shock and said a sweet Hi to the singer. Sheeran says that he was walking to the dressing room and heard the song and just walked into the set.

Ellen And Kai- The Sweetest Guest And Host Combination

This Ellen Show Guest appearance by Ed Sheeran drew the most “awws”. For those following the show, might know one big Bruno Mars fan Kai who usually sings Mars’ songs in an animated way. It is clear that Ellen really loves this kid considering the amount of time he has been on the show.

A very polite and well-mannered Kai gifts Ellen a self-made Valentine’s Day card which reads ‘I Love Ellen so much’. Kai tells Ellen, “You are beautiful, you are the best, you are my first girlfriend and I love you”. Ellen could cry any moment and promises Kai that she is keeping the card in her dressing room.

Ellen’s love for children is no secret. Though she has mentioned quite a lot of times, she doesn’t wish to have her own children but her chemistry with kids is adorable. Another prominent child guest on the show is the Dinosaur and ‘Apparently’ kid Noah. This kid has his own talk show and he can revel in the fact that Gigi Hadid is his big fan. Well, what do we say, The Ellen Show never disappoints.

On the other hand, Ed Sheeran spoke to Ellen about not owning a phone at all and how life is so peaceful without it. Sheeran recently gave a stellar performance at the Grammys 2017.

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