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Ed Sheeran Tattoos: Singer Got Inked 60 Times And Wants 30 More!

While most people accumulate tattoos over the course of a decade or more, Ed Sheeran tattoos happened in just one year. Sheeran’s wholesome looks just gave way to reveal the inked body of the Thinking of You crooner.

He has 60 elaborate tattoos, and plans to put 30 more on his back. According to celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul, Sheeran spent about 40 hours on his chair in the past 12 months to get that many tattoos. Paul is also the man behind Rihanna’s and Harry Styles’ tattoos.

Ed Sheeran Tattoos: What Does It Mean For Him?

It is during his sabbatical, that Ed Sheeran tattoos happened. Among the etchings on his body are a pair of Rolling Stone lips as a tribute to Mick Jagger, Sheeran’s idol, and a dinosaur, which is reflective of his favorite childhood cartoon.

Ed Sheeran TattoosPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

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He also has a tattoo of the crest of his old junior school. As a recognition of his Grammy win last year, he also made sure to have the Grammy gong somewhere on his body.

According to Paul, keeping the tattoos a secret was what made it even harder for him and his team. Though Sheeran usually travels to him, there were also times when he has to go to his house and work on the singer there.

He revealed that the musician already has 30 tattoos down his front and more on his arms. It was a hard time for Sheeran to travel around the world while a part of his body is in pain because of the tattoos. But he did it anyway, Paul said.

Each of the tattoo on the singer’s body is either reflective of his family, his music, his achievement, or his memories. There seems to be a lot of criticisms about his decision, especially because he always had a wholesome reputation. Sheeran, however, said that he wants to look back to this moment and say that he is proud of it.

Ed Sheeran Will Go On Tour This 2017

Sheeran plans to spend 2017 to show off his new album, Divide. His first step might be in his home country of the UK where he had a record-breaking gig at the Wembley Stadium in July 2015.

Demand is expected to be high, so ticket prices and release are being kept in secret. Ed Sheeran is expected to play in Dublin, Glasgow, Nottingham, Newcastle, London, Birmingham and Manchester from April to May 2017.

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