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Dylan O’Brien: Teen Wolf Stiles’ Comeback Will Leave Everyone In Shock

The most mysterious character in Teen Wolf, fans need to know when Stiles played by Dylan O’Brien will come back. The actor along with the staff of the series remain tight-lipped regarding the former’s return. BTS pictures of the actor, together with the other cast, however, began surfacing on social media.

Some fans remain skeptic about O’Brien’s return but some remain hopeful that he will come back before the last season ends. What we know is that Stiles’ comeback will surely leave everyone in shock.

Dylan O’Brien Stiles Might Be Played By Another Actor?

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Following the accident while the shooting of Maze Runner 3, O’Brien went on an indefinite leave from the series Teen Wolf. The TV show now reached its final season and the staff promised that Stiles will make a comeback. O’Brien, on the other hand, doesn’t show any sign of appearance in the upcoming episodes.

According to ScreenerTV, Stiles might become a Ghost Rider which means Scott, Lydia and Malia won’t be able to save him. If this happens, Stiles’ character could be played by a double under heavy costume and mask. This turnout won’t make the fans happy but it will surely buy some time for O’Brien for healing and his other projects.

O’Brien Is Too Busy For Teen Wolf?

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O’Brien had a very busy year. His film, Maze Runner gathered its back-to-back success after two installments which led to the third installment at works. Aside from this, Dylan is also starring in another upcoming action movie, American Assassin. These lines of projects secure the actor’s career after the Teen Wolf ends.

We definitely hope that O’Brien’s injury didn’t take a heavy toll on his movements. Limited movements will result to O’Brien using doubles more than he ought to, and this wouldn’t help in his career as an action star. Dylan O’Brien’s excellent performance from the Maze Runner gave way to the actor’s early success but hopefully, it won’t also be the reason for his failure.

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