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Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Third Divorce Experience, Possible Dating Through Tinder

Drew Barrymore mostly plays the lovable sweet next door girl in her movies. But behind the smile lies a lot of struggle. Barrymore recently split from her third husband with whom she shares two daughters.

A divorce doesn’t go down easy for anyone and same is the case for Drew Barrymore. She bore her heart out during the Ellen show talking about her personal struggles post her third divorce. She will be seen in a Netflix series about zombies soon.

Drew Barrymore Talks About Raising Kids Post Divorce

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman got married in the year 2012. They dated for four months before getting married. Unlike other celebrity divorces we have seen lately, this one was low key and not messy. Who can forget the details that kept coming in from the Brangelina or Johnny Depp divorce?

Drew and Will have chosen to separate amicably for the sake of their two daughters- Olive (3) and Frankie (2). Their divorce filing was unconsented which means there was no tussle over custody of children or assets. The parents have come to an agreement to share the custody of their children, reports Mail Online.

Drew Barrymore On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Drew Barrymore opened up to Ellen and spoke about her third divorce being her ‘worst nightmare’. She said, “I so wanted to raise kids in this ultra-traditional way and do everything so the polar opposite of my experience.” As a parent, the Blended star wishes to give her children “love and community and honesty”.

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It seems the actress will do anything it takes to keep her children unaffected from the divorce. She says that she feels that she is a part of a ‘modern family’. She says, “The road is different than what you try to make it or what you expected and you just figure it out, and you figure it out with grace.”

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Wish everyone thought like Drew Barrymore about dealing with situations like these ‘in grace’. She also reveals that she is no mood to enter into the dating arena right now. She is ‘not ready’ and ‘still in shock over everything’. When she was asked by SiriusXM’s Town Hall host Andy Cohen about dating apps, she implied she is better off staying away from them.

Drew Barrymore puts it perfectly saying, “My concern with the dating app is always like, am I going to be that person who classically meets a psycho, and then I end up murdered that night.”

One can only hope that a good soul like Drew finds all the happiness in her life. Drew Barrymore will be seen in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet.

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