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Drake Valentine’s: Both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Gave Him An Ultimatum

Drake may have soared high with his music, but it seems like he cannot get a hold of stability in the romance department. Who is he really dating, Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna? Fans know that before dating Jennifer Lopez, Drizzy and Rihanna were said to be going out.

With such an unfortunate timing before Valentine’s Day rolls in, rumors are now rife that both ladies actually gave him an ultimatum when it came to matters of the heart. Is there a rain cloud over his head that it seems he cannot find a way to find a perfect match?

Drake, J. Lo, Rihanna Caught In A Love Triangle?

Weeks after the 30-year-old rapper and J. Lo confirmed their relationship on social media, it was rumored that Rihanna was still in the picture. According to an exclusive report from Life & Style magazine, the Hotline Bling hit maker suddenly decided to “win Rihanna back.” Surprisingly, Drizzy’s new ladylove seemed unabashed!

“Jennifer still cares about Drake, but she has a take it or leave it attitude toward him. They still hangout and hook up, but they aren’t so serious anymore,” an insider revealed to the publication.

The flames of this rumor have been fanned even stronger when the 47-year-old diva shared a sultry Instagram snap to “prove a point.” J. Lo captioned the sexy selfie pic, writing “After show feels…”

The insider goes on to say how the On The Floor singer simply “doesn’t have the time to sit around thinking about Drake professing his love for Rihanna.”

Rapper To Reunite With RiRi?

Meanwhile, another report from Hollywood Life notes how Rihanna has given her own ultimatum to the rapper when talk about reuniting were on the table.

“Rihanna’s cool on Drake romantically,” a source tells the outlet exclusively. “She’s grounded and wants a relationship built on a solid foundation. The last thing she needs is for his bulls—t tornado to come through and mess up her life,” the source revealed.

RiRi fans are said to have been waiting for the two to reunite, so the news of his recent split with J. Lo didn’t come much of as a surprise. As per the same publication, even though Drake was already dating Lopez, he openly called his ex-girlfriend “Queen” when he was performing on stage.

Despite the praises, Rihanna just gave the rapper the cold shoulder.

“He better buy one of the many magazines she’s on the cover of, or follow her on Instagram because that’s the closest he’ll get to see her naked again,” the source said.

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