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Drake and Rihanna: An Imperfect Match Brought Together By Music

After Drake’s iconic love declaration for Rihanna in the VMAs, fans began to watch out for the Drake Rihanna romance. The Hot Bling rapper made a touching speech for the Caribbean beauty before presenting her the Video Vanguard Award. Rihanna then took to social media to thank everyone who supported her all throughout her career.

Nearly a week after, the couple were spotted going out on a dinner date in New York City as well as a ton of PDA during their time together in Miami. The Drake Rihanna dating rumors began when the couple was spotted together at a New York City Lucky Strike bowling alley in 2009. After all of the track collaborations and special stages, the couple finally took things to a new level after Drake’s confession in the VMAs 2016. Fans even thought Drake is Rihanna’s lucky break after her devastating relationship with fellow singer Chris Brown.

The Drake Rihanna ‘break up’

Photo Credit: Screenshot from the video "Drake Proclaims Love For Rihanna At 2016 VMA's" taken from the ET Canada YouTube Channel

Photo Credit: Screenshot from the video “Drake Proclaims Love For Rihanna At 2016 VMA’s” taken from the ET Canada YouTube Channel

After reports of the couple being in an ‘open relationship’, Mirror reports that it was confirmed that the two broke up already.

Both musicians were scheduled to perform together during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after-race concert. However, fans were disappointed when Drake didn’t show up during Rihanna’s performance, which was the usual occurrence ever since the two formed their relationship. Even though Drake’s crew was there to support RiRi, there was no sign of the rapper during the gig. According to a source, Rihanna was late for an hour and didn’t look like she wants to be performing during that time.


Even though the two called it quits already, the Drake Rihanna shippers don’t think so. According to Spotify, Drake was the world’s most streamed artist in 2016. The Canadian rapper garnered 4.7 billion streams and his song One Dance was the most streamed song in Spotify history. Since its release in April, One Dance has been streamed 970 million times and is also the most played breakup song of the year.

The one who shared Drake’s throne is none other than Rihanna herself. The Take A Bow singer was named as Spotify’s top streamed female artist on 2016. Her album, ANTI, has been streamed 2.5 billion times. At the same time, Rihanna and Drake’s collaboration, Work, was this year’s fourth most streamed song. Despite the fact that things did not work out for them, it is very clear that the couple is compatible music-wise.



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