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Drake Girlfriend: Rapper Allegedly Dating ESPN Reporter Doris Burke

Drake split with Work singer Rihanna in October. Since then, who Drake girlfriend is has been a topic in most of his fans’ conversations. Lately, there have been rumors that the Hotline Bling singer is working on his infatuation with ESPN reporter, Doris Burke.

While his “woman crush” on the reporter is nothing new, Drake went one step forward during last month’s Drake Night festivities in Toronto. This is an event the rapper regularly hosts for the fans of Toronto Raptors. Drake is a native of Canada. And he always had huge support for the Raptors.

Is Doris the new Drake Girlfriend?

During the said festivities, Drake rocked a “Woman Crush Everyday” sweater with Burke’s caricature in the middle. The NBA correspondent, who’s a divorcee with two grown-up children, didn’t know how to respond to that. The rest of the NBA community and Drake’s fans also didn’t know how to reach to such a public declaration of love.

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Drake Girlfriend

Screen cap from the IG page of Drake

In an interview in the middle of the game, Drake said he’s allowed to do sideline or courtside commentary during Drake Night. Because Burke has always been his inspiration, he just wanted to send all his love to her. The rapper then proceeded to invite Burke to his house for dinner “as long as she comes alone.”

When Drake made that romantic gesture on national TV, Burke said she was cooking dinner at her daughter’s house. Her 22-year-old son questioned her about Drake, but she said: “I have absolutely no idea.” But shortly after that, Burke responded to Drake via Twitter: “@Drake dinner is on” and finished it with a heart emoji.

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Is Rihanna out of the picture?

In August, during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Drake made a very public declaration of his love for Rihanna when he introduced her. Everyone went “aawww” at the couple, who were obviously very much in love back then.

But in October, it was reported that the two had a very nasty breakup and that Rihanna even called the Hotline Bling singer a “jerk.” Allegedly, Drake has an aversion to commitments and was very controlling of the Bad Girl singer.

A source told Hollywood Life, as reported by HNGN, that Rihanna may not be Drake girlfriend right now, but the two are still very much in love with each other. The only problem is that the two are too busy to work on their relationship.

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