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Dr. Luke Assured Kesha She Doesn’t Look Like A Lesbian, New Emails Revealed!

Dr. Luke and artist Kesha’s legal battle seems to be never ending. The singer is trying to find her way out of an exclusive contract with the producer. A recent development in the case involved Kesha showing documents to prove that her producer fat shamed her.

In response to the documents filed by Kesha, Dr.Luke has revealed new documents which bring to light that the singer’s managers themselves fat-shamed her. These documents bring a new twist to the claims made by the singer.

New Developments In Dr. Luke- Kesha Legal Case

In new legal papers, Dr.Luke mentions that the claims made by Kesha are false and defamatory. Earlier, Kesha had accused the producer Lukasz Gottwald aka Dr.Luke of sexual harassment. In new emails submitted by the producer, it shows that he was approving of singer’s looks.

In an email exchanged on Jan. 29, 2010, producer Lukasz wrote, “I know you said you looked like a lesbo, but I disagree – you looked radiant and beautiful.” Other e-mails show Kesha’s own staff talking negatively about the singer. One of the emails has manager Monica Cornia suggesting to assistant Tessa Schonder that they “put up pictures of models” to keep the singer away from junk food.

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One of Tessa Schonder emails suggests that they were planning to put Kesha under a meal plan to “get her working out again”. They were also discussing if she should return rehab for a “Tune-up.”

E-Mail Exchange Between Singer And Producer

All these emails have been produced by Dr.Luke in response to the allegations made by the singer against him. In one of the emails, the producer says that “A-list songwriters and producers are reluctant to give Kesha their songs because of her weight.” Some bits of the e-mails suggest that he called Kesha a fat f****ng refrigerator.

These e-mails exchanged between Dr.Luke and Kesha also suggest that the latter did not have any creative freedom. Kesha wanted lyrics of a song to go like, “You see us in the streets we da we da freaks” instead of “You see us in the club sip sippin bub” which was Lukasz suggestion.

In an exchange of words, the producer said, “I don’t give a s–t what you want. If you were smart you would go in and sing it.” The Manhattan Supreme Court had earlier released a judgment on the case saying that Kesha cannot abandon her exclusive recording contract with Sony and Dr. Luke. Kesha is asking the court to reconsider their decision. And the filing of documents to strengthen their case has been on by both the parties.

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