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Donald Trump Supporters And Haters Agree: Keep Melania Trump Safe From Misogynistic Comments!

It looks like hatred is in the air in the USA. For the longest time, news from the country has been revolving around hate and unrest. The latest being an unnecessary comment by Snoop Dogg’s follower Bow Wow.

The whole controversy began when Snoop Dogg showed his hatred towards the president of the United States, Donald Trump. He made a music video to propagate hate towards the president. The MV got enough attention and got people talking about it.

Donald Trump Responds To Snoop Dogg Music Video

Many celebrities have expressed their displeasure over the President’s decisions off-late. Some have used a constructive way to debate his policies while others have totally strayed to the dark. Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow are examples of the latter.

In a music video titled ‘BADBADNOTGOOD’, the rapper pretends to shoot a clown and President Trump look-alike in the face with a toy gun. The violence was not very appreciated by Trump and other politicians.

Even as the matter was gaining heat, another unnecessary tweet came. Bow Wow was trying to come to the defense of his kin while threatening Trump to stay out of his uncle’s way. His tweet reads, “Ayo Donald Trump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle Snoop Dogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

The tweet doesn’t show up on his timeline anymore. Well, good sense prevailed for him as he saw a mighty backlash from all sectors against his distasteful tweet. Twitter rose to the support of Melania Trump and shut down this hater.

Twitter Supports Melania Trump

Bow Wow might be eating his words now as many said that being a misogynistic is not cool.

The rapper who did not take off in his career threatened to kidnap The First Lady and also hinted on trafficking her. Many crimes combined in that one tweet, no doubt he quickly hit the delete button.

The whole episode is turning out to be ugly. Definitely, wisdom prevailed in the masses and they were successful in shutting down Bow Wow. America stands as a representative of a country which allows freedom of speech. However, dragging your President’s wife and threatening to pimp her is an example of witless citizens cashing in on some attention on themselves. They surely should be shut down and never given a place to incite public opinion.

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