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Donald Trump Supporter Scott Baio Faces the Wrath of RHCP Drummer’s Wife

Red Hot Chili Peppers do get around, don’t they? This time around, it is the drummer’s wife who went berserk on actor and Donald Trump supporter, Scott Baio.

Chadwick “Chad” Gaylord Smith [excuse the middle name!] is one hell-of-a drummer, truth be told. Perhaps, it’s not an exaggeration to call Chad as the most influential Alternate Rock drummer. While he is a beast on stage, he’s quite the opposite off it. His wife Nancy, on the other hand, is the one people need to watch out for. Reports have it that she went medieval on actor Scott Baio in an elementary school function. Why did she do it? Scotty is a Donald Trump supporter and voila!

Scott Baio: Donald Trump Supporter

The Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi actor keeps a low profile these days. After his wife Renee was found to have brain tumor, he has kept his social life on a hold. This, however, didn’t stop him from getting political during the recent Presidential elections. In his defense, he came clean on being a Donald Trump supporter and there’s that.

Scott is a Republican ideologist for a while and his support to the party’s candidate comes as no surprise too.

TMZ reports that Scott has filed a case against Nancy on the grounds of physical attack. Scott describes the events of the Elementary school function in his case, when Nancy got physical. Furthermore, he alleges that she was repeatedly screaming, “Grab ’em by the p—y” at the time!

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Nancy kept going at Scott and was demanding how he could support someone who says something as obnoxious as that. This is in the light of Scott’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Nancy and Chad, however, have contrasting views about the President-elect, obviously. Needless to say, Nancy’s reaction is a bit over the top too.

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Nancy’s Response

Nancy asserts that she was merely trying to show how Donald hugs women! True story. Contrary to that, Scott argues that she held him under his arms, shook him and pushed him away. While that isn’t such a big deal for a guy as built as Scott is, the Ventura County Sheriff will investigate, nonetheless.

Perhaps, it was in the best interest of both the parties to settle it between them. Now that it’s out in public, it has become an ugly affair. All said and done, Red Hot Chili Peppers couldn’t be happier for Nancy standing her ground. So much for Rock n’ Roll!

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